#KickAssTour Kick Boxing in heels with @Punkystarfish & @WoFMA

downloadPunkystarfish and I are in our second week of our #KickAssTour in honour of the @LeadSA #StopRape Campaign. Last week we learnt some really helpful tips and tricks for self defense when we tried out Krav Maga which you can read about here.  download (1)

This week we learnt the basics of Kick Boxing.

photo 2 edit

In a similar fashion to last weeks Krav Maga lesson, we started our class off with the exercise half of the session. Both Punk and I were healing from our Krav Maga injuries so took it a bit easy. Check out Punky’s awesome post here.  There were lots of sit ups, leg stretches and jumping jacks involved. The trainers at Warriors of Faith Martial Arts school know how to get a girl to sweat. The hall was filled with kickboxing ninja’s from around Jhb. There was even a little guy who could not have been older than 10 and there were definitely  more girls this time.

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We paired up with different people this time and it was a little comical that I was paired up with Sasha. Yes indeed, Sasha was her name. Twinsies!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, lets just say I was learning to kick ass and 16 year old Sasha has some real gees with some kick ass skills of her own. We started with shields that we had to knee as hard as we could and as fast as we could without letting our feet touch the ground. Its a lot harder than you imagine. Once we had finished the fitness portion we were divided into groups depending on the level of our experience. Juan, an awesome instructor taught us the basic fighting stance and to protect our temples at all times. I was the queen of protecting temples.

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My South Korea visits came in handy when Juan started counting in Korean for us while we learnt basic combos. We also learnt that we have to walk like crabs to keep our balance and that gangnam style moves are the wrong way to approach Kick Boxing. You have to be direct and firm.

gangnam style avengers

With every move, we were taught to put our full weight behind the move. I really enjoyed Kick boxing and I think a combination of Kick Boxing which teaches discipline structured moves with Krav Maga could really be a powerful combination when it comes to self defense. We also learnt that when kicking, the power of the foot comes from the ball of your foot. If you can imagine wearing heels, that’s the kind of stance your foot has to be in when you kick.


We learnt some awesome basic combos with our partners, left punch, right punch, kick the stomach and then the knee. Then the other combo, left punch, right punch, right punch again, kick the stomach and the knee. We learnt that in a real life situation you aim for the center soft spots of your opponent but while training you slightly hit to the side simulating the hit. I would love to continue with kickboxing as it really works all the muscles of the body but I would definitely still stick with Krav Maga for Self Defense.

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Stay Safe and Kick Ass


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My #Lovestruck @LaSenza_SA Lingerie Adventure


LaSenza has been voted one of the best underwear shops in Joburg in the past and for good reason too.

Animated Gif Awards (10)

There is nothing more empowering than wearing a sexy new pair of underwear that exudes power and femininity. Part of  womanhood is having to wear bra’s. I have never been very fond of bra shopping as I battle to find sexy pieces that offer good support. Some would say I am blessed to have a large bosom but as large breasted woman know, it can be quite a challenge to find supporting underwear that is sexy too. Recently I have gained weight and the first tell is always my bust size. They tend to be the first body part that fluctuate with my weight. TMI. Nah, its a reality for all woman that we need underwear.


I was super impressed by the Cresta branch. The ladies were extremely helpful and encouraging. I immediately asked to be measured and got the shock of my life when they said I was a D Cup. I almost burst into tears on the spot. Thankfully though when we started trying them on, I was one cup smaller. It really pays to have professional people who know exactly how your bra should sit. The ladies helped me pick some awesome bra’s and some are even quite sexy. I was also fortunate enough to go into the shop when they were having their #lovestruck deal. Buy a matching bra and panty and get R80 off or buy two bra’s and get R100 off or three panties and get R100 off. I also joined the bra and panty loyalty club. After I buy 9 bra’s or 15 panties I will be eligible for a free one. Thanks to La Senza, I am now feeling fabulous again and can rest easy that my assets are looked after and comfortable. 

number 3 Lasenza Love struck

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My fav @NicciBoutiques summer fashion pieces

Open the curtain and find out what we love from the Nicci Boutiques store.


Some of my favourite items from the January 2014 collection and how I would pair them. I love the neutral colour of the stone pencil skirt and would be able to wear this with multiple outfits. I think this would perfectly pair with the romantic Scottie blouse, not only because my hubby is scottish, because the blouse could be dressed up for work and down over the weekends with a nice pair of skinny jeans. I love green at the moment and the forest green bag would be my accessory of choice for this outfit for a pop of colour and of course green is always a complimentary colour for red hair and green eyes.

work wear

I also love the Nicci Jus d’Orange Bodycon Dress. The colour blocking is still dominating runways this season and the classic grey and black make it a versatile pick for the office. Turn it into an evening dress by layering with the cute PVC quilted black jacket.

dress work outfit3

I absolutely adore printed scarves this season that can accessorize and brighten up an outfit instantly like the one below. Some lovely wearable versatile pieces are always a winner for a working professional.


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Love your style


The reason they call it Social Media – My Love for Twitter

There is a reason they call it Social media. It was only last year October that I joined the illusive Twitter bandwagon and when I say join I mean really start engaging with the platform and becoming a “twitterholic”. I had opened an account a while before that but never really understood the power of Twitter until last year September when my Mom and I discussed the concept of Face Value Academy. A ladies etiquette and empowerment academy akin to a modern day finishing school that teaches ladies how to navigate this modern world through fun, intimate workshops.

Having a concept helped me build my my online twitter account. I knew what kind of tweets to look for, what kind of brands I wanted to follow and the kinds of people who shared insights into any of the modules that we would offer at Face Value. This is how I started and over the last few months I have become increasingly more active on Twitter and I am not exaggerating when I say Twitter has changed my world.

1. I have made new real life friends through Twitter. The joy of this social media platform is that you can find people who are like minded and interested in the same things as you are or you can find totally opposite awesome people that open up your world to discover new things. Unlike Facebook, your world is opened to strangers which offers positive diversity. I have met ladies through twitter that I can genuinely call new friends. It is so wonderful.

2. I have started rediscovering my love for words. Twitter encouraged me to start my own blog and I have done. I love being able to write to remember. Having a blog is a happy way of sharing my experiences at what ever level I decide. What I like about sharing this online is that I tend to want to share the best moments and it has evolved into a happy memory “online scrapbook”. When I am having a tough day or moment, I start to re-read posts and all the good things that have happened jump out at me and remind me how wonderful this world I live in really is.

3. I have a huge fear of rejection and Twitter has helped me “feel the fear and do it anyways” as Susan Jeffers encourages. I have met new people, some may not like me, others may really dig me. In the end, I am experiencing new things and people every week. I am following my dream of becoming a makeup artist and have started my makeup business this year with quite a bit of success. Turning a passion into a business is super gratifying. I am even taking the plunge and trying out for Master Chef this year, if nothing else, I will get a great blog post out of the experience.

4. I have started empowering myself through activities such as self defense, with a new twitter friend. I am attending fashion conferences, fashion shows, pamper parties, comedy evenings, perfume parties, sun glass hut VIP parties, blogger meetups, girl geek dinners and even attending a horse jumping show a little later in March. My social calendar has never been this full and filled with fun. I am rediscovering Johannesburg as if I just arrived in this city.  I look at every outing and experience as an opportunity to enjoy and engage so that I can write about the experience later. I have become closer to family and friends and I don’t find myself questioning life’s meaning any longer. I’m living life excited for all the new lessons that I am learning and all the new relationships I am forming. I am even engaging more at work and writing about experiences there too.

This world is truly social and truly powerful in so many ways. I think of myself as a lifetime student at a large university. My curriculum is my relationship with the world I live in.


My Fav Fall 2014 Runway #Fashion Trends from Trend Council

Recently I started following the Trend Council blog which uploads all the latest runway fashions. The below gallery gives you a sneak peak into the Fall 2014 collections showcasing Vionnet, Rochas, Alexis Mabile, Gareth Pugh and Under Cover.

Vionnet used a lot of greens and greys in the collection. Colour blocking was very prevalent as was symmetrical lines with flowing elements. My two favorite looks from the collection are below. I love the flowing lines of the blue dress and how the pinstripes elongate the body in picture one. I love the gentle flowing  pants in the second picture but have to say I am even more drawn to the futuristic symmetric top. I could definitely see myself wearing something like that with a black midi leather skirt.

1.016l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_226141_Vionnet2. 003l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_226141_Vionnet

Rochas showcased large skirts and free flowing style. A dominant theme of coloured elbow length leather gloves with quite a bit of black and gold present. I could definitely see myself in the black dress with a different colour undercoat. I would skip the whole fluffy belt to make it a bit more street wearable. I’m not a fan of the look in the second picture but chose it to showcase the gloves.

1.006l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_22614_Rochas2.  027l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_22614_Rochas

The Alexis Mabile collection showcased ankle boots which I absolutely adore. I think its time to invest in a pair myself. In this collection, a lot of the outfits show a pairing of different textures which looks quite elegant. I adore the black lace over the champagne nude under vest in picture one. A lot of dark hues were used such as black and navy. I also absolutely love the natural makeup and hair. I love everything about this collection and could definitely see myself wearing these styles. I love the layering of the clothes which will come in handy in Winter. Elegant and modern. 

1.027l_prs_alexis-mabile_trendcouncil_226142. 015l_prs_alexis-mabile_trendcouncil_22614

Gareth Pugh used a lot of white and silver in his collection. The style reminds me of the Capitol city type clothes we see in Hunger Games. Very fashion forward but not quite street ready unless of course you like this sort of thing. I do like the silver and white colour palette and the A symmetry that picture one shows. It is quite impressive to see so many different “out the box” materials can be used like the plastic dress shown in picture two.

1.007l_prs_gareth-pugh_trendcouncil_226142. 040l_prs_gareth-pugh_trendcouncil_22614

The Under Cover collection screamed “Regal Scotland Yard” to me with the many royal type headgear and plaids being used not to mention the collections name. I am not a huge fan. There are too many textures although you can see a lot of thought has gone into the layers and the outfits work well together with the makeup and hair. This look is not for me but interesting none the less. I do however love the deep red with the beige as a colour pairing in picture one. Striking and bold.

1.013l_prs_undercover_trendcouncil_226142. 001l_prs_undercover_trendcouncil_22614

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The benefits of Yoga: Reconnecting with my innerchild

Last night I learnt to connect with my inner child through Yoga. I have been attending Yoga classes at the Ishta Yoga Studio in Sandton since 2011. I started off weekly and over the years, I often go when I choose to and when I really feel my mind and heart need to be settled. Even though I no longer live as close to the studio as I used to, I cannot part with this studio. I can only explain a feeling of inner peace, serenity, calm and love that is evoked when visiting this beautiful studio.


I recently started going again on a more regular basis with a good friend of mine. Its a wonderful way for us to meet up during our busy schedules and spend quality time with each other. We also use the time after the class to catch up with each other. We make time for each other. Last night I attended a Yoga class that I have yet to experience. Usually the classes are very calm and exactly what you would imagine a Yoga session to be.


I learnt to reconnect with my inner child last night. Our teacher did not say that in so many words but the class was filled with Yoga centric activities that were totally synonomous with childs play. Good, innocent fun.

We started off with some dancing, just plain move your body and get warmed up. Everybody joined in and all around us were smiles and giggles and jamming bodies. It created such a wonderful energy in the room. Then as we went through our class, we did a rolly polly on the floor and at one point we all had to snore, feeling the vibrations of the snore on our neck. this wasn’t just play, every activity had a genuine Yoga background to it. We also did something that is not usual in Yoga, we partnered up; some with complete strangers, and learnt how our worlds are intertwined by sitting back to back and creating a breathing rythym with your partner as well as face to face while we did some fun gentle wrestling with our arms and clockwise turns holding onto each others shoulders.


I learnt so many new happy Yoga moves and experienced Yoga in a whole new light. This was a special guest teacher and the classes are usually more conservative. If you are looking to try something new , then try Yoga. It is really fun and an eye opening experience. The first class you attend at the Ishta Yoga studio is complimentary and believe me, once you start, you will see immediate effects and want to do more.

I leave you with this thought from Nandiva;

“There is never a wrong time to start doing yoga and the beauty of doing yoga is that, like a close friend,

it comes to meet you at whatever stage you are at and you immediately feel benefits, just in the doing.”

Till Next time

Stay Happy


A review of the @AvonSouthAfrica ANEW Reversalift skin range

85% of dermatologists agree that a daily anti-aging regime including a cleanser, a day moisturizer with SPF, a night moisturiser and an eye treatment is one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging.  The Avon Anew Reversalist Skin renewal system with Activinol technology helps reactivate the skins natural repair process, create fresh new skin and reverse the look of wrinkles in three steps.


I am an Avon representative and truly believe that I need to be an advocate of a product that I sell so I decided to give the Anew Reversalift system a 14 day trial to see the results for myself. I purchased the following products for the trial:

  • ANEW Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser
  • ANEW Reversalift Day Renewal Cream with SPF25
  • ANEW Reversalift Night Renewal Cream
  • ANEW Reversalift Illuminating Eye Cream

I am quite particular about my skin care regime but my ethics encourage me to make sure I am selling quality products and the Avon ANEW Reversalist system is definitely high quality.

My favourite product of the system has to be the ANEW Reversalift Illuminating Eye Cream which comes in two parts. The eye cream which is used to dramatically help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the sheer veil with potent skin brightening technology that illuminates the under eyes instantly. Eye creams have to be gentle enough that they don’t harm the delicate eye area but potent enough that they offer adequate moisture and impact. This product certainly did that and I would definitely purchase this product again.

Avon Anew eye

The ANEW Reversalift day cream and night cream were both also lovely on the skin although I do believe I have found stronger night creams. I love the scent of the creams and I am particularly impressed by the high SPF in the day cream. Although I don’t use this instead of a SPF, rather in conjunction with an SPF designed for Sun Protection.

The ANEW foaming cleanser does take makeup off rather well, although I felt that it was a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin and after a few days, I quickly reverted to my regular cleanser. It may be that the chemicals in the cleanser are intended for a more mature skin than mine.

I am proud to be selling this wonderful skin system. Please feel free to pop me a mail should you be interested in trying a few samples to see if this works well for you too. If you would like to order any Avon goods from me, I do also offer a courier service at a nominal fee.Send me your email details and I will send you an online brochure.

Till Next Time

Love your skin