@_4ElementsMedia #AUGUSTINEGold Fashion Launch

We were invited to witness the awesome Augustine and Gold Street Society launch. These two fashion houses have combined their two worlds to launch the first High End Street Fashion range in South Africa. Faultless Avant Garde Tailoring and chic street styling were brought together at Elevate, high above Johannesburg City. The launch was sponsored by: Elevate Rooftop Venue, Evige, Grey Goose and Vicky Crease Catering. This was the perfect event to rub shoulders with some of the most fashionable peeps in town. It was definitely a night to showcase some edgy smokey eye with a cerise accent and my newly chalked black hair tips from the L’Oreal hair show.

Guests included TV Presenter Shashi Naidoo, Actresses Jay Anstey, Zuraida Jardine, Musicians Daniel Baron, Tamara Dey and DaLes.

Other well known guests included Jena Dover, Tshepang Ramoba, DJ Doowap, DaLes, Siya Beyile, DJ Vato Kayde, along with the design team Yianni Crease, Marea Lewis and Justine August  who were all dressed in the incredible collection pieces. The collection showcases edgy, chic statement pieces that are definitely rocking the street vibe. A must for our Jozi closets this winter.
The #AUGUSTINEGold collection is available on pre-order from AUGUSTINE or from Gold Street Online. Some of the fabulous looks are showcased below. Think Blade cross Vogue with a touch of bling. Here are some of my fave outfits from the launch.
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Stay Fashionable



I name the ladies in my life after @ElieSaabWorld 2015 collection pieces

One of the most awesome side effects of blogging has been my introduction into the world of fashion. I now find myself really looking at fashion in a different way and admittedly it is not my strong point but as they say in the fashion world, beauty is in the eye of the beholder which I interpret to mean that my beauty may not be the same beauty as yours.

downloadWe all have our own likes and dislikes. I started recognizing fashion names I love on perfume bottles and now I love viewing the outfits too.  It makes me think it is a certain right of passage for a brand to launch a perfume.

26132495-5374My first experience of Elie Saab was the gorgeous notes of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Patchouli, White Flower, Cedar Wood and Rose Honey at the Marie Claire Trunk Show. The silage of the scent was intoxicating and addictive. Sharp yet gentle all at the same time. Anything that has white flower or orchid in it, I tend to gravitate strongly towards so when my husband bought me the “That that cannot be named in this post” perfume for my birthday, he nailed it!

Another plus of blogging is all the perfume samples we receive and I have become quite engaged with learning about the artistry surrounding perfumes and the effort that goes into designing the bottles and the scent.

download (1)I recently stalked  my favorite fashion blog, Trend Council who shared the latest from the Elie Saab collection and I can honestly say I am totally besotted and obsessed with this range. I want my entire closet to be filled with pieces like these. If I could personify the perfume, it would look like these beautiful fashion pieces. Bravo Mr Saab.

download (2)

This collection is not only wearable, it exudes chic, feminine elegance radiating an ethereal aura that I imagine many clothing lines will try to emulate and I have to say I am very excited to see that the models are no more tanned than I am. A big plus in my porcelain Lilly white world. Hopefully this will mark a new trend in sunless skin.

download (3)

It truly is a pleasure to share these magnificent outfits with my readers and if not for them, a post for me to go back to over and over when I want to feel close to true beauty. I truly believe these pieces capture the softer essence of a lady with the strength of a white tigress effervescing modern seduction. 

To further personify the clothes, I like to imagine myself and those that I know in the outfits so I have named each outfit with people and things that come to mind when i first look at the piece. I have considered personalities, the effect the person has on me and also what I believe would look beautiful on them.  I also have some awesome makeup inspiration ideas that I would love to try out on all those mentioned. I am long overdue a weekend of play with my makeup kit and feel like I am in need of a night in with my friends who will let me play. Without further anticipation I present the gorgeous 2014/5 Elie Saab Collection with a hint of Porcelain Rouge.


Black Beauty Nicola


Punky Star Fish and Tanya Haskins


Tammy Wade


Ali meets Sam W


Jessica Dudley and Jessica Everson


Hildegarde with Strawberry Marshmellows


Sue Levy


Sunday Lunch with Jess Souden


Arum Lily




Fawn Rogers


Ali Graaff


Irina and Alessia


Anne Martin


Sue Dudley and Shaney


Lipgloss Kisses and Pink Peonies


Cara Dudley


Loren C


Angels and Johlet


Spring Ballet with Victoria and Natasia


Picnic in Paris with Lisa


Leigh and Nicole Crymble


Stevie Jane


Cassidy and Miss Earth


Vodka Lime and Water


Marilyn D


Sunshine and Thea




Sunflowers in New York and Sue Swallow


Tash and Anne Doli


Julia Mafcher and Tamlyn Pillay


Trish and Leeanne


White Orchids, Pearls Marisha and Rayanne

I would love to know which outfits speak to you. Let me know.

Till Next Time

Lotsa Love and Elie Saab





Gorgeous hair is the best revenge…Why I love my Ionic Hair Dryer!

My best friend had bought me the holy grail of all hair care tools. No this is not a GHD which undoubtedly is my much loved trusty hair straightener but let me introduce to you a hair care tool that every lady should have on her wish list if it’s not already hanging next to your mirror.

download (2)

I literally let out a squeal at PLAKA, the Restaurant where my family had gathered to help me celebrate my 29th birthday a week ago. Tash bought me my first Ionic Hairdryer from Coifin. The Little black beast weighs almost nothing making it one of the easiest, most ergonomically comfortable hair dryers I have ever laid my hands on however not the first time that I have experienced this little black beauty.

download (3)

The wonderful hair magicians at BLO in Parkwood use these machines to achieve that perfect volume and sheen we all dream of and are dying to replicate when we come back from the salon.

images (8)

I have read quite a few articles around the science of Ionic hairdryers, some saying all good things, others saying that it has more to do with the product you use than the hair dryer itself. Ionic hairdryers claim to make the hair more silky, smooth and shiny employing negative charged ions to eliminate electricity that is usually the culprit for frizzy, dull end results usually seen when using  other non-ionic dryers.

I can only speak from my experience with my new toy and I have to say I only have good things to say about it. I feel like all my hair prayers have been answered…

Here are 8 reasons I love this dryer

1. I love that it weighs very little which always helps when you are styling hair, as much as I like a good arm workout, styling my hair is not the time to do this

2. I love that the 2.8 m cord is long enough just in case I need to jump on my bed while styling my hair, you know as one does

3. I love that the speed and heat can be controlled in 6 different ways on this beauty

4. I love that the dryer comes with two nozzles, a 75mm nozzle and a 90mm nozzle. I have recently learnt that you use the larger nozzle when you are drying more hair at once and the smaller nozzle for shorter and more defined pieces as it concentrates the air on that section more easily

5. I love that the entire dryer is 100% Italian. If anyone knows how to style hair, it is the Italians. Let’s be honest, seriously who wouldn’t want an Italian job?

images (1)
6. I love that the filter is a removable stainless steel filter making it more industrial strength

7. I love that it has air space on the cover to keep the machine cool on the outside. Also, having a cool shot button helps set the hair and maintain that healthy shine for longer

images (3)
8. I love that it uses 2000- 2200 W of power which means it dries the hair quicker with immense power


I am not lying when I say with a normal hair dryer, my hair often takes about 15- 20 minutes to dry and I often have to use my GHD to flatten the fly away frizz that I get.With  the Coifen Ionic Korto A6  dryer, I literally save time and it takes me about 7-10 minutes to dry my hair from beginning to end with smooth and silky results that last coupled with a nice healthy amount of volume.


images (4)


I am totally obsessed with my new hairdryer and would recommend an Ion Hairdryer to anyone who wants to decrease drying time, look like you have just come out the salon every time, maximize your hair products and have awesome shiny hair. What more could you want?


images (5)Till Next Time


Remember someone, somewhere thinks gorgeous hair is the best revenge










3 Minute Instant Chocolate Mousse Recipe

So those that know me, know that I love cooking and baking. I am very lucky to have a husband who will eat all my mistakes and encourages me to try new things. This week I made my own chocolate cake to take to work on my birthday and although it ended up looking a bit like an explodes volcano thing, it was super yummy. During the process of making it, I stumbled upon an amazing discovery….how to make instant chocolate mousse. Seriously a three minute mousse that does not need any setting time. Freaking awesome. Here is how…..

1 cup Icing sugar
1 cup cocoa powder
80 ml pouring cream
25g melted butter

Mix the sugar and cocoa together then add the cream into the mix and whisk. Add the melted butter, whisk and serve. Voila! Easiest chocolate mousse recipe.

download (5)

Till next time

Delicious Lamb Bobotie Spring Rolls Recipe

Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons although I must admit I do miss Summer when I think back to our December Summer beach holiday in Plettenberg Bay.

images (1)

One of my fondest memories from our December holiday has to be our visit to Bramon Wine Estate where we enjoyed an afternoon filled with bubbly and gorgeous Tapas all whilst sitting in between the wine estate grape vines which as promised  added sparkle to our already amazing holiday.



The afternoon was one that will not be easily forgotten and if you ever have a chance to go to Plettenberg Bay, this is definitely a must do activity to add to the list.

The view from the Wine Estate

The view from the Wine Estate


Although everything was super scrumptious and delicious including the Strawberry and Biltong salad, there was definitely another favorite among  the family: the Bobotie Spring Rolls. I have never been a huge fan of the South African  sweet mince when made in the traditional way but when served as little canape sized treats, the meal was transformed into an exotic burst of flavour that I’m sure my family would agree is very much moreish. 

Traditional Meat Bobotie

Traditional Meat Bobotie

I set out to find a recipe for Bobotie to replicate our Bramon Wine Estate experience and with my current love of all things Phyllo Pastry, I attempted to make my very own Bobotie Spring Rolls. They turned out to be a success and are amazing delicious bundles of joy.  Although quite messy to make, the effort is so worth it. I love the smell of roasted almonds and have combined a few Bobotie recipes with my own adaptations by using some home chef kitchen license. I am a big believer in trying to use what I have in my pantry rather than buying specific special ingredients. The end result is super delicious which is sure to induce  an awesome high five moment from husbands and guests.  These gorgeous little treats go very well with Pomegranate juice complimenting the spices and the robust fruity flavour of the mince. Most recipes call for deep frying when it comes to Phyllo pastry but I prefer to use the oven.

download (2)


*A quick tip I have learnt when chopping onions is to peel them under running cold water and then chop them in a clean glass dish of water, guaranteed no tears.

My Lamb  Bobotie Spring Rolls Recipe

This recipe can make 18- 24 Spring Rolls

download (1)



Group A

25 g Butter
30 ml Olive Oil
15 ml Grated Fresh Ginger
15 ml Brown Sugar
5 ml Cayenne Pepper (or Chilli powder)
5 ml Tumeric
5ml Chinese five spice (optional)
2.5 ml Salt
25 ml Spring Onion chopped
1 Onion chopped
1 slice of White Bread, crust removed, soaked in 125ml milk
500g Lamb Mince (or beef if you prefer)

Group B

60 ml Raisins soaked in either Port or Sherry (I used Sherry as I had this readily available)
25 ml Chutney
15 ml Apricot Jam
10 ml Worcestershire Sauce
15 ml Tomato Sauce
100 ml Almond flakes dry pan roasted
Phyllo Pastry
Melted Butter

Recipe Method

Lamb Bobotie Mince

  1. Soak the raisins in port or sherry and set aside
  2. Soak the bread in milk and set aside
  3. Heat the butter and oil together in a medium sized pot – take care not to burn the butter and oil
  4. Add the fresh ginger, brown sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Tumeric, Chinese Five Spice, Salt and Spring Onions and Onion to the pot and stir fry until the onions are soft
  5. Add the lamb mince to the pot and brown
  6. Mash the bread with a fork and add to the browned mince mixture
  7. Drain the raisins and add to the mince, mix over a medium heat
  8. Roast the Almonds in a dry non-stick pan (watch these carefully as they burn easily)
  9. Add the chutney, apricot jam, Worcestershire sauce, Tomato Sauce to the mince
  10. Simmer for 10 – 15 minutes on medium heat
  11. Add the roasted almonds to the mixture and mix gently
  12. Let the mince cool

Spring Rolls 

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160 Celsius
  2. Prepare a baking tray with a non stick coating
  3. Cut two sheets of Phyllo pastry into squares
  4. Using the melted butter, brush the top and bottom of each layer of pastry and use two layers for your parcel
  5. Add a tablespoon of the mince mixture to the center of the pastry
  6. Roll the pastry and tuck and fold in on the ends to create a parcel
  7. Place your parcels onto the baking tray and bake for 20 minutes
  8. Adjust the oven to grill for 3-4 minutes to crisp up the pastry
  9. Serve with a side of Sweet Chilli Sauce and vegetables of your choice


Let me know your thoughts and send me any suggestions you may have regarding different dipping sauces.  I would love to hear back from you.

Till Next Time

Stay Warm


10 Awesome Fathers Day Gift Ideas Under R300 ft @WOOLWORTHS_SA @Dischem @Makro_SA @capeunionmart @BainsWhisky

In the Southern Hemisphere our winter starts in June. We are heading into a season that is filled with things that I love; warm hot chocolate, fireside chats, scrumptious stews, chicken soup, tons of cuddles, fluffy slippers and gowns, gorgeous leather boots, winter coats, Malva pudding, rosy cheeks, Christmas in July, bonfires and long hot bubble baths. There are so many reasons June is special and although this year has flown by, this month holds significance for both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. We can look forward to the winter solstice around the 22nd when we will experience the shortest day and longest night in the southern hemisphere. June is also the month of pearls and moonstones. Who doesn’t love a month that is national candy, dairy and iced tea month?



Personally I am fond of the month of June not only because it is my birthday month but also because I love winter fashion and all the awesome things that come with the change in season. Another fabulous occasion that we celebrate on the 15 June this year is Fathers Day and in light of this super hero month, I have created a list of 10 gift ideas that are perfect fathers day gifts all under R300.

A set of mens black leather gloves from Woolworths  R280.00

A set of mens black leather gloves from Woolworths



Gift Idea 1:  Give your Dad a reason to use the glove compartment for its original intended purpose with these gorgeous black leather gloves from Woolworths.


A set of 12 Whisky Glasses from Makro  R179.00

A set of 12 Whisky Glasses from Makro



Gift Idea 2: There comes a time in every Fathers life when enjoying a night cap of their favorite whisky becomes a pure moment of pleasure. Why not spoil your Dad with a lovely elegant set of 12 whisky glasses from Makro.







Gift Idea 3: Talking about Whisky, why not treat your Father to a smooth sweet proudly South African whisky that was named the worlds best grain whisky in 2013. A bottle of  Bains Cape Mountain Whisky from Makro.

Bains Cape Mountain Grain Whisky from Makro  R199.95

Bains Cape Mountain Grain Whisky from Makro

If grain whisky is not to your Dad’s liking, you can always opt for Bells or Johnny Walker Black.

A Bells 1litre promotional Whisky from Makro R219.95

A Bells 1litre promotional Whisky from Makro

A Johnny Walker Black Whisky Gift Set with two whisky glasses from Makro  R289.95

A Johnny Walker Black Whisky Gift Set with two whisky glasses from Makro

Gift Idea 4: Of course June is also the perfect month to keep our Dads warm with a practical yet stylish accessory. An awesome striped knit scarf in warm cherry and grey stone colours from Woolworths.

A stripe knit scarf from Woolworths  R210.00

A stripe knit scarf from Woolworths

Gift Idea 5: What Dad doesn’t enjoy a few manly gifts from the ultimate adventure and outdoor store, Cape Union Mart. This super fun and very cool waterproof notepad is an option for Dads that are not quite ready to let go of the original paper and pencil route.

A waterproof notepad from Cape Union Mart  R75.00

A waterproof notepad from Cape Union Mart

Gift Idea 6: Bring out your Dads inner Bear Grilles with a  floating lighter for natures natural braai masters and fire starters from Cape Union Mart.

A floating lighter from Cape Union Mart R250.00

A floating lighter from Cape Union Mart

Gift Idea 7: How about our travelling Fathers who love to venture the foreign lands?  A perfect handy gift is this travelling picture translator from Cape Union Mart. I also think this would be awesome for kids to share with their Dads while travelling and together they can look for the items that are in the pictures and play a bit of travelling hunt and seek.

A travelling Picture Translator from Cape Union Mart  R75.00

A travelling Picture Translator from Cape Union Mart

Gift Idea 8: I know that for many Dad’s and most men in fact, a visit to their local Builders Warehouse is an adventure on its own with an array of  toys that are practical and super awesome, its often hard to pick out that one special item. Why not pass the adventure onto your Dad by gifting him a Builders Warehouse voucher card? Or if golf is more to his liking, a Pro Golf Shop voucher will always go down swingingly.  😉

A Builders Warehouse Gift Card for an amount of your choice

A Builders Warehouse Gift Card for an amount of your choice

A Pro Shop Gift Card for an amount of your choice

A Pro Shop Gift Card for an amount of your choice

Gift Idea 9: For the Dads that are soccer lovers, this masculine and exceptional Beckham fragrance from Dischem is perfect for everyday casual wear.

Beckham EDT from Dischem  R270.00

Beckham EDT from Dischem

Gift Idea 10: Every man looks good with a new watch. This classic round option from Woolworths is perfect for our Dad’s casual wear or everyday work wear. Stylishly simple!

A round classic watch from Woolworths  R250.00

A round classic watch from Woolworths

No gift is complete without a genuine heartfelt card. Using the Fotor.com online editor, you can personalise a card for your Dad and send it to his smart phone or print it if you choose. Choose from a wide selection of templates specifically aimed at Fathers Day, add your own words and pictures for a wonderful budget and Eco-friendly option.

The perfect personalised e-card with Fotor.com

The perfect personalised e-card with Fotor.com

There you have it. 10 awesome gift ideas for our super hero South African Dads all under R300. Remember Fathers Day in SA is the 15 June. Lets make all our Dads feel special this year and spoil them with a little bit of love.

Till Next Time

Happy Fathers Day Hunting