The reason they call it Social Media – My Love for Twitter

There is a reason they call it Social media. It was only last year October that I joined the illusive Twitter bandwagon and when I say join I mean really start engaging with the platform and becoming a “twitterholic”. I had opened an account a while before that but never really understood the power of Twitter until last year September when my Mom and I discussed the concept of Face Value Academy. A ladies etiquette and empowerment academy akin to a modern day finishing school that teaches ladies how to navigate this modern world through fun, intimate workshops.

Having a concept helped me build my my online twitter account. I knew what kind of tweets to look for, what kind of brands I wanted to follow and the kinds of people who shared insights into any of the modules that we would offer at Face Value. This is how I started and over the last few months I have become increasingly more active on Twitter and I am not exaggerating when I say Twitter has changed my world.

1. I have made new real life friends through Twitter. The joy of this social media platform is that you can find people who are like minded and interested in the same things as you are or you can find totally opposite awesome people that open up your world to discover new things. Unlike Facebook, your world is opened to strangers which offers positive diversity. I have met ladies through twitter that I can genuinely call new friends. It is so wonderful.

2. I have started rediscovering my love for words. Twitter encouraged me to start my own blog and I have done. I love being able to write to remember. Having a blog is a happy way of sharing my experiences at what ever level I decide. What I like about sharing this online is that I tend to want to share the best moments and it has evolved into a happy memory “online scrapbook”. When I am having a tough day or moment, I start to re-read posts and all the good things that have happened jump out at me and remind me how wonderful this world I live in really is.

3. I have a huge fear of rejection and Twitter has helped me “feel the fear and do it anyways” as Susan Jeffers encourages. I have met new people, some may not like me, others may really dig me. In the end, I am experiencing new things and people every week. I am following my dream of becoming a makeup artist and have started my makeup business this year with quite a bit of success. Turning a passion into a business is super gratifying. I am even taking the plunge and trying out for Master Chef this year, if nothing else, I will get a great blog post out of the experience.

4. I have started empowering myself through activities such as self defense, with a new twitter friend. I am attending fashion conferences, fashion shows, pamper parties, comedy evenings, perfume parties, sun glass hut VIP parties, blogger meetups, girl geek dinners and even attending a horse jumping show a little later in March. My social calendar has never been this full and filled with fun. I am rediscovering Johannesburg as if I just arrived in this city.  I look at every outing and experience as an opportunity to enjoy and engage so that I can write about the experience later. I have become closer to family and friends and I don’t find myself questioning life’s meaning any longer. I’m living life excited for all the new lessons that I am learning and all the new relationships I am forming. I am even engaging more at work and writing about experiences there too.

This world is truly social and truly powerful in so many ways. I think of myself as a lifetime student at a large university. My curriculum is my relationship with the world I live in.


3 thoughts on “The reason they call it Social Media – My Love for Twitter

  1. Tammy Perry says:

    Great post, Sash!! Yes Twitter sure has changed our worlds and I am SO grateful that I got to meet you through social media!! I am also SO proud of you for taking the plunge and putting yourself out there…always so hard but beyond rewarding!! Stay as amazing as you are!


  2. Wow! I love this post! I couldn’t agree more! I’m learning (slowly but surely) to “feel the fear and do it anyways!” Thank you for sharing! Plus… great pic! X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks hun. I can lend you the book after I have read it. My world has completely changed this year. Feeling the fear and just going for it, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Lotsa love to you beautiful lady!


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