French #Guinot Star Facial Treatment with Crystal Clear Skin Aesthetic Clinic

If you are looking for a star facial treatment that makes your skin look brand new in less than an hour then you have to try the best in french cosmetology, a Guinot Hydradermie double ionisation facial from Crystal Clear Skin Aesthetic Clinic.


Crystal Clear Skin Aesthetic Clinic gifted me a Guinot Hydradermie facial and I have to say I was blown away with the results. This exclusive treatment from Guinot promises that your skin will look “brand new” after one treatment and I have to say I agree. I took the mirror test; before the treatment, my skin was looking a little lack luster and dull and afterwards, my skin felt plump, refreshed and deeply moisturized. After just one treatment my face already appeared remarkably rested and serene.

The secret behind this treatment includes three elements namely

                    1. Ionization
                    2. Oxygenation
                    3. Lifting Massage



Using mild electrotherapy and gentle massaging movements of two rollers, one with a positive charge and the other a negative charge, the rollers help the plant based active Guinot ingredients penetrate more deeply into the skin giving the skin a deep cleanse. As my beauty therapist explained, this kind of treatment is exclusive to Guinot and cannot be done at home. The sensation of the rollers is quite relaxing and tingle over areas that are severely dehydrated. Fazia informed me that if my skin tingles, this is an indication that the skin is dehydrated in those areas. I felt immense tingling over my upper lip and it suddenly dawned on me that I often forget to treat this area of my face.



Once the ionization has taken place, my skin was treated to a high frequency action that oxygenates and energizes skin cells. A tool is used that has a light buzzing sound which also creates an antibacterial effect that prevents break outs and deeply penetrates the skin. The Guinot products and creams smell like little pockets of heaven, a cloud filled with a subtle floral scent. My skin felt incredible and during the treatment, I could appreciate the advanced research that goes into Guinot treatments and products.

images (2)

The Lifting Massage

Fazia, my Guinot Beauty Expert customized a mask specific for my combination skin that has been damaged by the sun and finished off the treatment with a relaxing massage that boosts the skins radiance. This left me with a balanced skin radiating a healthy glowing complexion. True Story!

images (3)

After a one hour treatment, I could definitely see a positive difference . It is recommended to maintain this treatment once a month to see visible results for clearer, healthier and more radiant skin all year round. An added benefit of doing this at Crystal Clear is that I can order my favorite products from their online store and have them delivered straight to me as well as their awesome product loyalty program. For every 10 full size Guinot products I purchase, I will receive a complimentary exclusive Guinot facial treatment.

I have experienced many facials and hands down, Crystal Clear Skin Aesthetic Clinic always comes out on top for their professional personal treatment and of course their infamous lazy recliner chairs that are synonymous with  true relaxation and comfort.

download (2)


As a professional makeup artist, I always warn clients against harsh skin treatments to prevent an unwanted breakout but this kind of treatment is perfect for when you have a special occasion and you want to ensure your skin looks its best without the fear of breaking out on your special day. It is a deep nourishing treatment that will not disturb the delicate balance of your skin. A much needed spoil that will leave you glowing with radiance.

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