#Chocolate Molten Lava Heaven with @NomuChirps #Baking Kit

A chocoholics dream come true. The Nomu Chocolate Fondant baking kit is so simple to use with stupendously tasty results. Nothing tastes better than freshly baked goods at home and with the convenient easy bake kits that Nomu offers, anyone can succeed at baking brilliance.


I am a keen baker with an addiction to chocolate. I took part in the awesome Delish Box this month and was gifted a Nomu Chocolate Fondant baking kit from my paired partner Suhaifa. I was ecstatic and decided to try the Nomu baking kit for the first time  last night as a weekender cherry on top. I usually prefer baking from scratch but to be honest I have yet to find a super easy fondant recipe that can be made in small quantities.

The Nomu baking kit promises foolproof baking using only the finest pastry ingredients. I put it to the test. The baking kit box clearly outlines what you need in addition with the baking kit. For the Chocolate Fondant kit, the shopping list was short and no special ingredients or tools needed to be purchased as I already had all the ingredients at home and the kit comes with 4 convenient baking cups which means no washing up or worrying about finding ramekins to bake with.

shopping list

Shopping List 


Making this superb dessert took more time to edit  photos and tweet about than actually doing the prep and baking. Another one for the #15minute food category. It really is so simple. Whisk the eggs, melt the butter and you are ready to go.

melted butter and whisked eggs

Preheat the oven and apply a non-stick spray to your fondant cups.

Place the sachet ingredients in a bowl, add the lightly whisked eggs, melted butter and milk to the mixture and whisk lightly to mix.

Pour mixture into the four cups equally and bake for 9-11 minutes depending on the heat of your oven. Mine took 9.5 minutes as I have a fan assisted oven. The finished product is supposed to be slightly hard on top and gooey in the center.

how to

Serve immediately. Place them upside down on a plate and serve with cream or ice cream. Voila, an amazing yummy chocolate adventure for your taste buds. Heaven in a box! Seriously though, I have tried a few baking kits and this is at the top of my list. I cant wait to try my Vanilla cake kit and Oatmeal cookie baking kit that I received as a prize from the #Joziliciousmixer hosted by Hasmita earlier this year.


Till Next Time

Happy Baking


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