Win and be Smitten with @FaceValue_ZA & @BeautyWorx1

Be smitten with your mitten and win with Face Value and Beauty Worx. The new way to instantly cleanse and exfoliate your face without any other cleansing products.  The Smitten is every person’s new must-have cleansing tool.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • You only need to use warm water with your Smitten to cleanse your face (no other cleansing product required)
  • Smittens effectively remove makeup while gently exfoliating your skin (including water resistant and long wearing makeup)
  • You may need to replace your Smitten every 3-6 months (At R100 a pop, this will hardly break the bank) and think of all the money you will save on cleansing products you no longer need
  • Smittens are made of natural anti-bacterial microfibers that are ideal for all skin types
  • Smittens are super easy to clean and are reusable
  • You can order your Smitten online from BeautyWorx
  • You can win one of your very own Smittens by reading on…

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#BWB Christmas in July Wishlist

One of my favorite things to do in July is Christmas in July. I love being able to find an excuse to gift gifts and spend time with special people in my life. This year, Bloggers Who Bless are holding our very own Christmas in July party and we have all been assigned a Secret Santa.


We each had to put forward our Christmas in July Wishlist of gifts we would love to receive. Not an easy task to do but so much fun. My Christmas is July wishlist is filled with goodies I love and goodies I cant get  enough of.

Sasha's Secret Santa Wishlist


1. I am a huge fan and lover of all slippers and pajamas although this winter I have fallen in love with Snoozies. Warm foot covers that have little sticky pads at the bottom making them the perfect slippers to wear on cold nights. They are warm enough to walk alone in them and they are very easy to clean. They are also light enough and comfortable enough to wear to bed. I received my first pair of snoozies for my birthday. Red with white polka dots although I use them so often that I wish I had another pink pair to go with my pink Moose Ca boos onesie.

2. Lovisa jewels warm my heart. I am such a fan of this jewelry and accessory store that you could probably not go wrong with anything from the store. I enjoy delicate jewelry but recently have started clunking up my jewelry collection to give my outfits a bit of texture and pop as advised by my good friend and fashion blogger @AliGraaf

3. Sheer stockings with slight patterns and details on them are a new craze of mine. I am in love with bows at the moment and would love a pair of sheer stockings with simple bow detail or simple star patterns. The trick is the sheer stocking part to give the detail more impact. There is something super sexy about a sheer pair of stockings.

4. The MUD compact lip shine is a new fav lip gloss of mine. What makes this special is that you can mix this lip gloss with different eye shadow pigments to create new lip colours. Who wouldn’t want to be able to design and make their very own lipstick?

5. Snoods are my new fav accessory for my winter wardrobe. I am absolutely in love with my camel colour snood I got for my birthday, so easy to wear and because it is fully knitted, it doesn’t lose its shape around the neck. The thick woolen ones are my fav for keeping warm and neutral pastels tones would go with many outfits.

6. Simple Bow detail head band. I met a girl at an event two weeks ago and she had the cutest bow Alice band on. It was super comfortable to wear and pretty enough to wear to work and casually. The little bow gives it that touch of feminine fun that I love to express through my accessories.

7. I recently started doing my own nails and so am always looking to try new colours. My personal collection is mostly made up of dark and bright colors and I really want to start growing my pastel colour collection. This will also feature quite a bit in Summer fashion trends so being spoilt to an Essie Pastel nail colour would definitely make me smile.

8. Body Factory Vanilla Bath Milk is one of my all time best bathing goodies. I love bubble baths with candles and nothing is better than the Body factory Bath Milk. Gentle on the skin, smells heavenly and actually makes bubbles. I absolutely love love love the Bath Milk from Beauty Factory. The milk bottle packaging is just too cute to not have it on display.

I know that whatever my Secret Santa gifts me with, I will be so happy with. I am a girly girl through and through and can’t wait to open my prezzie on the 25 July!


Till Next Time

Faux Seasons Greetings





10 Essential Items For Every Girls Holiday Packing List

For our northern hemisphere readers, many are enjoying an awesome summer holiday. Guest blogger,  Qurratulain Zaheer shares her 10 essential items every girl should have on her packing list.

Booking your dream holiday is one of the best feelings in the world, but it can be overwhelming when you think of everything that you’ll need to pack in your suitcase! Now, before you start thinking about all of the millions of different outfit changes that you’ll need to take with you, here are 10 essentials that you really don’t want to be caught without. Make sure these are packed before anything else, and triple check that you have them all before you leave the house!



1. Tinted moisturiser

Although you are on holiday, you still want to look presentable (especially if you’re hoping for a holiday romance!). Tinted moisturiser has enough coverage to even out your complexion but is still light enough to wear on an everyday basis. It can give your skin a nice sunkissed glow whilst still looking very natural. It also helps to give you that extra boost of confidence for the beach!

2. Mascara

You will be surprised at how much mascara can actually do for your face. It opens up your eyes making you look more awake, whilst helping your lashes look lavish and beautiful! Invest in a waterproof mascara, and apply a few coats before leaving the hotel. Curled lashes just add a whole new level of femininity and will make you feel great!


3. Bikini

You’re probably bringing one anyway, but let’s talk colours. When choosing a bikini, opt for a neon or light colour as this can really help to accentuate your tan. There are lots of patterns and styles available, so go for one that is the most flattering for your body and work it! Just make sure that it is supportive enough, you don’t want any wardrobe mishaps on the beach!

4. Light scarf

There are many ways to style a light scarf; wrap it around your waist as a sarong, use it as a cover up on the beach or use it as a shawl over your dress in the evening. These are very versatile; in fact you can also wear it around your neck on the plane when it gets a bit more chilly. Scarves are multi-functional so you’ll be grateful that you bought one along!

5. Sunglasses

These will act as a form of protection for your eyes as well as making you look stylish. Oversized sunglasses are the best option; they add a touch of glamour. You don’t want to spend the whole holiday squinting, imagine all of the wrinkles you’ll get!

6. Hat

You know those large floppy hats that you really love but feel that you can’t pull off? A holiday is the perfect time to wear one! It will not only protect your face from the sun and decrease the chances of sunburn and sunstroke, but it will also look fashionable! Nobody will look twice at you because they’ll be wearing one too! Holidays are the best time to experiment as you’ll never see most of the people again!


7. Painkillers

You never know when you’re going to be struck down with a headache *especially with all the cocktails*, so these are absolutely necessary. You’re often so busy on holiday that you forget to drink water, and spending all that time in the sun can dehydrate your body. This always leads to headaches so ensure that you have a bottle of water and painkillers with you just in case. If you don’t need them, one of your friends certainly will.

8. Plasters

It is human nature to have accidents, and plasters always come in handy, whether you’re using them for cuts from your new sandals or from hurting yourself on the beach. A good way of using plasters is to stick one on the back of your shoe where it rubs against your skin to prevent blistering. Top Tip: Go for clear, waterproof plasters which are discreet and last longer.

9. Sunscreen

I don’t think I need to stress the importance of sunscreen. Take it with you because one of your friends is likely to have forgotten theirs. Apply it as much as possible, and buy the highest factor that you can find. Don’t rely on your moisturiser because if you plan on sunbathing, you want your skin to be protected.

10. Aftersun

This is always necessary. Some people sit in the sun and get a beautiful tan; others come out looking like a crisp lobster.  The best thing to use is Aloe Vera which you can buy in the form of a gel. It is soothing and helps to calm down the skin. This is also useful just to have around the house; it can calm down your skin after waxing or threading.

Make sure you have a pretty tote bag to take with you to the beach and you are all set! Good luck!

This article was written by Qurratulain Zaheer, an avid online shopper and lover of all things fashion related. She recommends ChicksRule for their great holiday essentials!

Win a Spa Pamper Journey with @MowanaSpa and @FaceValue_ZA


Win a Spa Pamper Morning with Mowana Spa and Face Value for you and a friend. I thought there was nothing more magical than a full day of pampering and massages with a Strawberry Daiquiri in hand and a relaxed smile on my face until I experienced an evening pamper journey with Mowana SPA a few weekends back.Who doesn’t love being pampered and treated like royalty in a warm, afri-chic environment surrounded by natural earthy scents?


My husband has been working really hard on his Master’s in Education this year and I decided that it was time to treat him to some well-deserved pampering and an impromptu surprise date evening. Last year, I visited Mowana SPA with my sister for a full day journey and knew that this was the perfect spot for a bit of luxury peace and quiet for Cam and some well-deserved indulgence.


The only thing I wanted to change from my full day rejuvenation day from last year was the drive home. All the magic disappeared when I had to drive after a superb day at the SPA so learning my lesson, I made sure Cam and I used Uber to take us to the SPA and collect us.

download (4)

We have used Uber a few times now and have been impressed with the service every time. No waiting outside wondering where your cab is because we are able to track where our driver is on the mobile app every second of the way. The luxury exec type cars always make for a comfortable and safe journey and all our drivers have been well dressed and friendly. With no cash changing hands, the service is a large step above many other cab services in SA currently.


Back to the night journey. We were welcomed to the SPA by African drums and singing while we sipped on a warm alcoholic Rooibos Tea.


Shown to our seats and given our personal locker keys, we changed into our warm fluffy grey gowns. Even the change rooms are elegantly decorated and incandescent works of art.


If you know me, you know that pajamas are one of my loves in this world so being able to spend an evening out  on the town in my pj’s is like a slice of heaven for me. I even managed to wear my awesome happy socks that I received from Stuttafords to keep my tootsies warm in between treatments.


We were treated to a delicious three course meal which included the most divine chocolate lava molten pudding in between our treatments and all our drinks were included in the package price.


We even witnessed a romantic engagement and since my birthday was in June, I  was gifted birthday cake with a birthday song  just for me. A wonderful experience all round. The night journey consists of two treatments and a three course meal as well as a night cap to end the evening off. The only thing that I may have suggested as an improvement is that the therapists should be better trained on how to handle clients who have had a little too much to drink and start becoming loud near the end of the journey but other than that, a perfect evening of indulgence, peace and spoiling.


Even in the cold winter months, the SPA ensures you are cozy with blankets and warm outdoor and indoor heaters keeping you relaxed and warm at all times. The serene setting makes you feel like you have been transported away from the city to a far off distant land oozing with ambiance and rejuvenation.


We also treated ourselves to a few “pure spoil-me” items from the Matsimela Range of body scrubs and lotions that are inspired by nature available in the SPA store. More about these in a later post.


The fantastic people at Mowana SPA agree that my readers deserve some me-time too. Enter the rafflecopter competition to win a luxurious Spa package for two that includes tea and coffee, muffins and two morning  treatments for yourself and a friend worth R1200.

Enter using the Raffle copter giveaway link to stand a chance of  winning.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition is open to South African residents only.
  2. All travel expenses are for the winners personal account.
  3. Prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. The prize must be claimed and used before the end of August 2014.
  5. Winners will be announced by Monday 14 July 2014.

Till Next Time

Pamper yourself, you deserve it!


And the winner is…………