A makeup artists 7 minute makeup routine

I work in the corporate world and like so many others, I have limited time during my morning routine. My 7 minute makeup routine is all I need in the mornings to prepare for work. Being a qualified makeup artist has taught me a few tricks of the trade for a quick beauty regime.  I have spent time choosing the right products and the correct colour pallet before hand and of course, using the correct application tools which allows me to do my 7 minute routine with ease.

1. Skin Care – I cannot stress enough that the basis of any beauty regime is good skin care. More than half the battle is won if you are looking after your skin. That’s why I always (and I mean always) take my makeup off the night before. In the shower, I wash my face with my Kiehls Ultra Cleanser to remove any residue makeup and its gentle enough on the skin that it doesn’t dry it out. A quick spritz of toner and a good day cream with an spf. I also always add a Spf 50 on top of my cream. Prevention is better than cure. If your skin is looking a bit dull, I highly recommend using the Dermalogica Daily resurfacer that gives immediate results after cleansing and before toning.


2. BB Cream – An essential product for a quick beauty routine is having products that double up. A good BB cream (Beauty Balm) with built in SPF gives my skin a quick plump up and smooth surface and acts as a primer. If I am feeling like a bit of extra coverage, I add a layer of my Givenchy Fluid Foundation. I apply the bb cream with my fingers and then blend with a blending sponge.

product_shot_1(1) E6Y8_l

3. Eyes – I sweep dark brown eyeliner on the tops of my lids, keeping my eyes closed. This is a quick way to add liner in one move  to both the top and bottom lines. I also use the eyeliner to gently fill in my brows. I recommend using a colour palette that enhances your eye colour. The Almay and Revlon Palettes work well. Alway try and use full size eyeshadow brushes. A good option is the Avon Eyeshadow brush that has a eye smudging tool attached. Use 3 – 4 colours max, a light overall colour, a semi dark colour over the bottom half of the lid and a darker colour in the crease of the eye. You can also opt for a highlighter on the brow bone. I finish off my eyes with Bio Nike Brown Mascara available at Dischem for work days as it doesn’t clump or smudge and lasts all day. It also separates my lashes and colours my lashes with little application.

4. Cheeks –   a cream blusher is easy to apply with the fingers and I add a smidge of blush powder over the cheeks, on the cheek bones. Again, using a full size angled blush brush makes a difference. Applying colour to the lips and cheeks is the easiest way to liven your look.


5. Lips – It has taken me many trials to get the perfect work lip colour right. I have finally found a colour that goes with every outfit I wear and is naturally nude. Take your time in finding the right colour for your complexion.

Revlon and SmashBox Finished Look

6. Setting – You can either set your makeup with a translucent powder or a setting mist. I opt to only use the setting powder on my t- panel and my chin so that I keep the dewy look from the bb cream on my cheeks. I also use a setting mist from Ulta which helps the makeup remain throughout the day and gives me added protective layer of moisture.

Till Next time


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