My #Lovestruck @LaSenza_SA Lingerie Adventure


LaSenza has been voted one of the best underwear shops in Joburg in the past and for good reason too.

Animated Gif Awards (10)

There is nothing more empowering than wearing a sexy new pair of underwear that exudes power and femininity. Part of  womanhood is having to wear bra’s. I have never been very fond of bra shopping as I battle to find sexy pieces that offer good support. Some would say I am blessed to have a large bosom but as large breasted woman know, it can be quite a challenge to find supporting underwear that is sexy too. Recently I have gained weight and the first tell is always my bust size. They tend to be the first body part that fluctuate with my weight. TMI. Nah, its a reality for all woman that we need underwear.


I was super impressed by the Cresta branch. The ladies were extremely helpful and encouraging. I immediately asked to be measured and got the shock of my life when they said I was a D Cup. I almost burst into tears on the spot. Thankfully though when we started trying them on, I was one cup smaller. It really pays to have professional people who know exactly how your bra should sit. The ladies helped me pick some awesome bra’s and some are even quite sexy. I was also fortunate enough to go into the shop when they were having their #lovestruck deal. Buy a matching bra and panty and get R80 off or buy two bra’s and get R100 off or three panties and get R100 off. I also joined the bra and panty loyalty club. After I buy 9 bra’s or 15 panties I will be eligible for a free one. Thanks to La Senza, I am now feeling fabulous again and can rest easy that my assets are looked after and comfortable. 

number 3 Lasenza Love struck

Till Next Time

Keep it Sexy


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