#KickAssTour Kick Boxing in heels with @Punkystarfish & @WoFMA

downloadPunkystarfish and I are in our second week of our #KickAssTour in honour of the @LeadSA #StopRape Campaign. Last week we learnt some really helpful tips and tricks for self defense when we tried out Krav Maga which you can read about here.  download (1)

This week we learnt the basics of Kick Boxing.

photo 2 edit

In a similar fashion to last weeks Krav Maga lesson, we started our class off with the exercise half of the session. Both Punk and I were healing from our Krav Maga injuries so took it a bit easy. Check out Punky’s awesome post here.  There were lots of sit ups, leg stretches and jumping jacks involved. The trainers at Warriors of Faith Martial Arts school know how to get a girl to sweat. The hall was filled with kickboxing ninja’s from around Jhb. There was even a little guy who could not have been older than 10 and there were definitely  more girls this time.

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We paired up with different people this time and it was a little comical that I was paired up with Sasha. Yes indeed, Sasha was her name. Twinsies!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, lets just say I was learning to kick ass and 16 year old Sasha has some real gees with some kick ass skills of her own. We started with shields that we had to knee as hard as we could and as fast as we could without letting our feet touch the ground. Its a lot harder than you imagine. Once we had finished the fitness portion we were divided into groups depending on the level of our experience. Juan, an awesome instructor taught us the basic fighting stance and to protect our temples at all times. I was the queen of protecting temples.

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My South Korea visits came in handy when Juan started counting in Korean for us while we learnt basic combos. We also learnt that we have to walk like crabs to keep our balance and that gangnam style moves are the wrong way to approach Kick Boxing. You have to be direct and firm.

gangnam style avengers

With every move, we were taught to put our full weight behind the move. I really enjoyed Kick boxing and I think a combination of Kick Boxing which teaches discipline structured moves with Krav Maga could really be a powerful combination when it comes to self defense. We also learnt that when kicking, the power of the foot comes from the ball of your foot. If you can imagine wearing heels, that’s the kind of stance your foot has to be in when you kick.


We learnt some awesome basic combos with our partners, left punch, right punch, kick the stomach and then the knee. Then the other combo, left punch, right punch, right punch again, kick the stomach and the knee. We learnt that in a real life situation you aim for the center soft spots of your opponent but while training you slightly hit to the side simulating the hit. I would love to continue with kickboxing as it really works all the muscles of the body but I would definitely still stick with Krav Maga for Self Defense.

photo 5 edit

Till Next Time

Stay Safe and Kick Ass


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