#KickAssTour with @PunkyStarFish – Some Krav Maga Self Defense Tips

Krav Maga is not for princesses but it is superb to learn self defense. This week @PunkyStarFish and I started our #KickAssTour inspired by #StopRape. We have embarked on a journey to learn how to kick ass in the literal sense. Besides the immense DOMS I am experiencing, my first experience of the martial arts world was friggin awesome, if you don’t count sumo wrestling as a martial art.


We have chosen Warriors of Faith Martial Arts as our #KickAssTour instructors as they teach a multitude of disciplines and the first session is free so it is the perfect place to wet our appetites and allow us the opportunity to try all the disciplines at least once before signing up to the club. Punky and I are complete polar opposites when it comes to height and fitness levels. While Punky is a blonde amazon viking gal with fitness guru tendencies  and quite the bit of whip-ass in her arsenal I am  the short unfit ginger with super awesome girly girl genes. None the less, having a buddy to kick ass with seriously rocks and its great to see how this can benefit both fitness junkies as well as beginners.

 punky and ginger edit 1

We started off with some “gentle” warm up exercise. I say gentle because as Punky mentions in her post, running and general fitness is not quite as challenging for her. For me though, I was still able to handle it but I must admit, I did need to take it a bit easy. The instructors encouraged us to take it easy for the first lesson by doing half the drills and taking breaks when we felt we needed them. It was an awesome atmosphere with mostly men but we were not the only females there. After our warm up run, we had to line up and do what I can only describe as hops over some obstacles for agility and quick feet.

kickass2 edited

I have never been too good at jumping so as a newbie I welcomed the chance to rather jump next to the obstacles and not over them. After a few rounds, I decided to up my game and try go over the obstacles and promptly twisted my ankle. This resulted in me wearing an ankle strap to work the next day and I have to say, this Ginger Ninja got some street cred. Its quite comical seeing the reactions of men when you tell them your injury was from Krav Maga training. Priceless reactions. So worth the pain.

The most awesome exercise had to be the one that we got to play with pool noodles. Basically each person got  a chance to lie in the middle of a group of “attackers” simulating an attack for 10 seconds and the person being attacked has to get away as fast as they can.

kick ass 3 edited

After half an hour of fitness, we were divided into three groups depending on our level of experience to start the technique half of the session. We  started in the beginners group and learnt some real life applicable tips in self defense that were practical and powerful. I had no idea that kneeing someone in the groin involves moving your hips forward and that your calf needs to be straight as does your foot to avoid injury to yourself.

kick ass 4 edited

Kicking an opponent in the groin is an effective way of immobilizing them long enough to get away from your attacker and if you feeling particularly strong, why not give them knee in the face? I learnt how to create space between an attacker and myself to allow a small gap to knock the mans jewels with the powerful force of my wrist.

Taking turns in being the attacker, we learnt how to get out of a tight grip from the side, front and from behind.The key is moving the hip out, turning your leg inwards and using the force of your wrist, you hit your attackers groin and run away.

kick ass 5 edited

I was impressed that they include the running away part. Needless to say my husband was not to keen to let me practice some of my new moves on him with good reason. I really enjoyed Krav Maga and think this might be a winner for me although I do look forward to trying out Kick Boxing next week.

The picture below gives a clear indication of the moves that we were taught. After only one hour, I already feel more empowered and just that little more safe.  I strongly encourage both men and woman to try out this awesome discipline.

wfma --a6 brochure-krav editTill next time

Kick ass and stay safe


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