My Fav Fall 2014 Runway #Fashion Trends from Trend Council

Recently I started following the Trend Council blog which uploads all the latest runway fashions. The below gallery gives you a sneak peak into the Fall 2014 collections showcasing Vionnet, Rochas, Alexis Mabile, Gareth Pugh and Under Cover.

Vionnet used a lot of greens and greys in the collection. Colour blocking was very prevalent as was symmetrical lines with flowing elements. My two favorite looks from the collection are below. I love the flowing lines of the blue dress and how the pinstripes elongate the body in picture one. I love the gentle flowing  pants in the second picture but have to say I am even more drawn to the futuristic symmetric top. I could definitely see myself wearing something like that with a black midi leather skirt.

1.016l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_226141_Vionnet2. 003l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_226141_Vionnet

Rochas showcased large skirts and free flowing style. A dominant theme of coloured elbow length leather gloves with quite a bit of black and gold present. I could definitely see myself in the black dress with a different colour undercoat. I would skip the whole fluffy belt to make it a bit more street wearable. I’m not a fan of the look in the second picture but chose it to showcase the gloves.

1.006l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_22614_Rochas2.  027l_prs_rochas_trendcouncil_22614_Rochas

The Alexis Mabile collection showcased ankle boots which I absolutely adore. I think its time to invest in a pair myself. In this collection, a lot of the outfits show a pairing of different textures which looks quite elegant. I adore the black lace over the champagne nude under vest in picture one. A lot of dark hues were used such as black and navy. I also absolutely love the natural makeup and hair. I love everything about this collection and could definitely see myself wearing these styles. I love the layering of the clothes which will come in handy in Winter. Elegant and modern. 

1.027l_prs_alexis-mabile_trendcouncil_226142. 015l_prs_alexis-mabile_trendcouncil_22614

Gareth Pugh used a lot of white and silver in his collection. The style reminds me of the Capitol city type clothes we see in Hunger Games. Very fashion forward but not quite street ready unless of course you like this sort of thing. I do like the silver and white colour palette and the A symmetry that picture one shows. It is quite impressive to see so many different “out the box” materials can be used like the plastic dress shown in picture two.

1.007l_prs_gareth-pugh_trendcouncil_226142. 040l_prs_gareth-pugh_trendcouncil_22614

The Under Cover collection screamed “Regal Scotland Yard” to me with the many royal type headgear and plaids being used not to mention the collections name. I am not a huge fan. There are too many textures although you can see a lot of thought has gone into the layers and the outfits work well together with the makeup and hair. This look is not for me but interesting none the less. I do however love the deep red with the beige as a colour pairing in picture one. Striking and bold.

1.013l_prs_undercover_trendcouncil_226142. 001l_prs_undercover_trendcouncil_22614

Till next time

Keep it fashionable


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