The benefits of Yoga: Reconnecting with my innerchild

Last night I learnt to connect with my inner child through Yoga. I have been attending Yoga classes at the Ishta Yoga Studio in Sandton since 2011. I started off weekly and over the years, I often go when I choose to and when I really feel my mind and heart need to be settled. Even though I no longer live as close to the studio as I used to, I cannot part with this studio. I can only explain a feeling of inner peace, serenity, calm and love that is evoked when visiting this beautiful studio.


I recently started going again on a more regular basis with a good friend of mine. Its a wonderful way for us to meet up during our busy schedules and spend quality time with each other. We also use the time after the class to catch up with each other. We make time for each other. Last night I attended a Yoga class that I have yet to experience. Usually the classes are very calm and exactly what you would imagine a Yoga session to be.


I learnt to reconnect with my inner child last night. Our teacher did not say that in so many words but the class was filled with Yoga centric activities that were totally synonomous with childs play. Good, innocent fun.

We started off with some dancing, just plain move your body and get warmed up. Everybody joined in and all around us were smiles and giggles and jamming bodies. It created such a wonderful energy in the room. Then as we went through our class, we did a rolly polly on the floor and at one point we all had to snore, feeling the vibrations of the snore on our neck. this wasn’t just play, every activity had a genuine Yoga background to it. We also did something that is not usual in Yoga, we partnered up; some with complete strangers, and learnt how our worlds are intertwined by sitting back to back and creating a breathing rythym with your partner as well as face to face while we did some fun gentle wrestling with our arms and clockwise turns holding onto each others shoulders.


I learnt so many new happy Yoga moves and experienced Yoga in a whole new light. This was a special guest teacher and the classes are usually more conservative. If you are looking to try something new , then try Yoga. It is really fun and an eye opening experience. The first class you attend at the Ishta Yoga studio is complimentary and believe me, once you start, you will see immediate effects and want to do more.

I leave you with this thought from Nandiva;

“There is never a wrong time to start doing yoga and the beauty of doing yoga is that, like a close friend,

it comes to meet you at whatever stage you are at and you immediately feel benefits, just in the doing.”

Till Next time

Stay Happy


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