Girls just wanna have fun with @4thStreetWine

Girls just want to have fun! And that’s exactly what Fawn and I did while looking over the Johannesburg skyline at the Shine Studios in Braamfontein last week Thursday evening. Picture this….two girls running late, one because of her awesome busy social event calendar, the other because she decided that a pretty skirt with a white polka dot top was not enough to capture the essence of a true pin up gal from the 1950’s.


Makeup and hair were thoroughly researched and so bold red lips with Marilyn Monroe defined cat eyeliner, victory hair rolls and plain eye shadow followed by false lashes and some pearls, you can imagine can take a gal some time. We prevailed and although fashionably late we made it to our OTT entrance with a hop and a skip.  I don’t know how ladies found the energy and time to dress like this every day way back when frisbees, ant farms, 3D movies, diners and pink bubblegum were all trendy at the time. Dressing in the fifties is not for sissies but hey, it sure is ultramatic (new word of the day)!

“Well, this car could be systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic
Why, it could be greased lightning”

I have to say that although the entrance was seducing us with its pin up fifties gals and pink blossom gum lined hallway where we later embraced a #groundie moment,


#Groundie #4thStreetParty

the main attraction for the evening was the 4th Street Wine that conveniently fit into one hand while the other could rest on our hips to take some awesome pink carpet poses. I love dressing up. Especially period pieces and not gonna brag or anything but a few peeps wanted to have a photo with me. How do you like them toffee apples? LOL


Let me take you on a quick journey of the evening………lets pretend we are in roller skates in our large poofy skirts with poodle badges, we have our victory rolls in and pointy girl glasses on with white socks and frills and if you are my boyfriend, you have used half a bottle of gel to create that perfect John Travolta coif and away we go.

Time Warp to the 1950's

Time Warp to the 1950’s

Greeted by ladies in pink (I couldn’t tell which one was Rizzo or Frenchie), we were handed gorgeous 300ml sleek and sexy bottles of pure convenience and elegance that are perfect for a girls night out.


I never thought I would be able to say that its awesome and not bad etiquette to drink wine from the bottle but here we were, among some of the most awesome SA celebs, fashionable fashionista’s and vibrant socialites sipping on the new 4th Street Wine. A refreshing easy drinking and flirtatious lightly sparkled low-alcoholic pop wine that is inspired by the bright lights of big city living and keeping a finger on the pulse of what is hip and happening.


To the left side of the room, looking out over Nelson Mandela Bridge through the large walls of glass windows we were able to sit at truly 1950’s style diner type counters surrounded by flower milkshakes and pink bubblegum stands.


On the right side of the room stood the ever so tempting candy stand which took every ounce of restraint to only take a picture and swiftly move on. Oh the pain of quitting sugar! 


He’s a sweet talkin’ sugar coated candyman – Christina Aguilera 

To tantalize our inner party animals, we were treated to an awesome show by the Shoowap Shop band that definitely got our boogy going. At one point in the evening, I found myself taking shameless amounts of mirror selfies with a fellow victory roll wearer in the bathroom while reapplying our red lipstick. Heavens to Betsy, Red lips are another thing when it comes to reapplying without a brush or liner handy because OMG, that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!!!! None the less, we prevailed and then it was time for some fun in the pod chairs. (I don’t know what else to call them) but holy moly- that is what I want for Christmas. A pod chair that swivels and is like a big 1950’s hug wrapped in velvet.

InstagramCapture_0435ca19-606f-47a7-b23e-2ce5a199c5af_jpg WP_20140814_016

We were surrounded by pink and white ambiance, lighting and mood whilst being treated to non-stop food goodies on trays that made their way round the room. All that was missing were the roller skates. Perhaps it’s never a good thing to mix roller skates with wine. Gold star goes to the waiters.

download (2)

The food, OMG the food…little mini hamburgers and fries, Strawberry milkshakes topped with donuts, pink candy floss and bubblegum. Pink and white homemade marshmallows…being on a diet was not ideal but lucky for all you lovely readers out there, my diet has also prevented me from enjoying the three gorgeous convenient wines I walked away with in a goodie box. I have it on good authority (Thanks to Fawn’s unwaivering commitment to try each flavour)  that the wine is delicious and so I am giving away my gift box from the 4th Street Wine party which also comes with a sweet lollipop. Can you say YUM?

Thank you to Fawn for inviting me to one of the best launches I have been to in a while and to 4th Street Wine for hosting an incredible evening with Girl About Town PR. You guys rocked our socks off!



All you need to do is follow 4th Street Wine on Twitter and tweet which wine you would like to try most. Let me know in the comments section below that you have done so and I will then select a winner randomly by Monday evening. Please note that you need to be willing to pick the wine up from an agreed location either in Centurion or Jhb North.

Let me know if you would like us to do a video tutorial of how to dress in the fifties and we will get right on that. I love reading and appreciate all your comments.

Till Next Time

Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

See you there







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