Get Real – Eat Less Sugar…You’re sweet enough already

I want to share a few thoughts on a little huge problem I have. Maybe some of you can help me with this problem or give me the will to carry on the journey to do this thang. I love sugar…..ok no, in the name of honesty; I am addicted to sugar. Since changing my meds and stopping the pill at the beginning of this year, my body has decided to triple in size (ok I exaggerate) it’s probably only gone up 1/5 but let’s face it, no woman is going to tell you straight up what she weighs. Well maybe I should change that. Here it goes:  I have put on a good 10 kgs since December last year and I am convinced my addiction to sugar has been one of the main culprits.

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Now 10 kg’s for some people may not seem like a lot but when you are short and have a little frame, 10 kg’s is huge. It’s T-Rex kinda huge. Yep, that’s the first big thing that came to mind so I’m rolling with it. T-Rex it is. Have you ever noticed aside from the short chubby arms and legs, a T-Rex has a huge tummy? Well that’s how I look now. I look like a T-Rex with a pregnant belly. All my extra weight that I have put on has gone straight to my waist. It’s quite comical especially when I stand to the side. My belly protrudes like….well I will let your imagination take over here. Anyhoo, lets continue…

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Hubby and I decided that we are ready to start trying for mini Cash’s (Cam and Sasha’s – bada bing bada bang) at the beginning of the year so not only have I gone through a hectic rigmarole to change my meds (so that they are vastly safer for bambino’s), I have also stopped my pill. Since stopping my pill I have started eating so much more junk and have noticed that my waist has gone from bad to worse. I was very noticeably not doing much exercise either and noticed that I wasn’t receiving my lady visitor like I should soooooooo I went to go see the gynea who diagnosed me with PCOS. Something I kinda knew about from my early twenties but never really paid much attention until now. The one positive thing with PCOS is that your (I wanna say “See You Next Thursday”) period is very irregular and some cases like mine, it is nonexistent. Fabulous you might say. Yes, it is super-duper awesome not needing to worry about a monthly visitor but not so super-duper awesome when having a period is an indicator that you are ovulating. For those of you who are a little unclear on the rules of the birds and bees….you need to be ovulating to fall pregnant.

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Anyhoo, another wonderful side effect (this time I am being sarcastic) of PCOS is that because my hormones are all out of whack, I tend to put on weight quite easily and it is triple as hard to get the weight off. Grrrrrrrrrrreat.

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I then find out yesterday from my doctor that the new meds I am taking that I mentioned earlier are marginally safer for baby making and will make my weight issue even worse. So as a good girl I promised I wouldn’t stop taking my meds which has all kinds of bad consequences I don’t wanna go into right now so basically my only other option is to try to minimize how many harmful carbs I eat, up my exercise and hopefully start losing my belleeeeeeeeee.

All I want right now is a COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a huge slab of Dark chocolate Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate.


Onward we shall stride, two weeks ago I decided it was time. Yep, it was time for me to get serious about this baby making business. Hubba hubba she says while raising her eyebrows. Buttttttttt in order to up my chances I have to try lose weight as I can’t imagine being another 10 kgs heavier with a little bam bam in my belly and quite honestly I really just want to fit into my clothes again.

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I have returned to Pilates (my favourite activity of all time except for….let’s keep this PG) and as some of you may have read in my previous “get real post” I have now started walking every day for 30 minutes and doing the Delta Park Run (for me the Delta park dawdle) on Saturdays with Jade. You are more than welcome to join us. It’s actually kind of fun, we talk smack about well whatever topic comes to mind in between holding our tummies in, clenching our butts and breathing (if you can call huffing and puffing breathing). Jade is also a seasoned runner and I would be happy to let you guys run off into the far distance while I waddle up to the finish line. It doesn’t cost anything than maybe a few hours extra beauty sleep but other than that, it’s super nice. I’m hoping a few of us will do this in the near future and there will be the highflyers who can run with Jade and the not so high flyers who can walk with me. Let’s say it’s aimed at giving us tight bikini bwuns. Yes bwuns.

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I have also started a new lifestyle diet. Notice, I had to get the lifestyle part in otherwise this would be yet another failed attempt at quitting the sugar. So, this lifestyle diet is called the Dukan diet which some of you may have heard of. In basic terms it is a high protein, low carb, low calorie diet that has four phases. I have completed my first phase, the pure protein attack phase and have successfully lost 2.6 kg’s. Yay me. I also managed to squeeze myself into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to do for a long time as the attack phase makes you lose any water retention you might have lying around. The jeans were not sitting comfortably round my waist but I was in them. That counts right?


I am now in the second phase, the cruise phase where I can start reintroducing vegetables into my diet. I was very sad to find out that this does not include fruit.


No fruit! For four months!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, no ways, nudda, not gonna happen. I love fruit and if you ask me for my five cents; Fruit is a thousand times healthier than ice cream or a Big Mac or chocolate cake or brownies or biscuits or sugary treats or candy floss or ….ok I’m gonna stop now. So I have decided that instead of only vegetables on my PV (Protein and Veg) days, I’ma gonna have me sum apples and all other kinds of fruit. As my hubby so kindly pointed out, the Dukan way is a general guideline….(um). Anyhoo, my goal weight is 54.4 kg’s and I have a long way to go. I want to be able to feel good about myself on the beach in Hermannus in December. I want to say in a bikini but even when I was at my thinnest, a bikini was a far stretch for my porcelain white skin so if you see any pictures of me on Instagram in as much as a bathing costume in December……ps. I’ve won!

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So that’s my get real post for this week. Let me know if you like the get real posts and whether you have any interesting healthy recipes you think I would like that are high protein, low carb and super delicious. Have you got any addictions that you think you need to kick? Or how about any exercises that you love to do to keep you healthy. I would love to hear your personal stories too so tag me in your next post.  Are you keen to hear about any of the recipes that I have tried so far? I love reading your comments and appreciate the time you take to read my posts. Love and hugs to you all. Ps. by now you may have realised, I still haven’t actually declared my weight but if you clever and use your math skills, you could probably figure it out.

Until Next Time

Keeping it Real


12 thoughts on “Get Real – Eat Less Sugar…You’re sweet enough already

  1. Nicola Marshall says:

    Love this post sash 🙂 When I read it, I can hear your voice!
    I have faith in you, you can and will achieve your goal!


    • Hi Alice. Sugar is one of those bitter sweet kind of things. I think the most shocking thing is that Sugar is practically in everything. Seriously, everything. Hope you are well. Thanks for reading my post. I really appreciate the support. Mwah


  2. Hi Dezi, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. You are indeed very blessed to have height on your side. So glad to hear you have also started exercising. The exercise helps me in so many ways. Would love for you to join our walks one Saturday if you can.


  3. OMW, such a fantastic post. I love this, know exactly how you feel, since changing my meds a month ago I am constantly hungry…cookie…and gained..chocolate…almost 10ks myself, …luckily my hight doesn’t show it that quickly. Can’t stop thinking about sweet nibbles. But yea, starting to exercise now as well.


  4. Great post! I hope it doesn’t take you long to up sugar will definitely help with your PCOS. It IS possible to get off the white stuff, you just have to do it gradually. Slowly introduce alternatives week by week. I phased sugar out gradually over 4 weeks and had to endure a few weeks of feeling really crappy and tired.I’m 3 months in now and I feel like i have so much energy, it’s amazing. I don’t have those dips and lows I used to have which had me craving that instant sugar hit. I used this book to get me started and now I source a lot of recipes online.Hang in there, it will feel bad at first, but your hormones will thank you for it in the long run 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I will def have a look at the book you suggested. I have also started sourcing recipes online. I think my body is starting to react positively to the no sugar thing but my cravings are still pretty intense. Thank you for taking the time to comment and reading my post.


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