@BeautyWorx1 and @SuigoSA transform my #hair care routine

Let me introduce you to an online store that you can trust and know that there is a very dedicated person behind your orders who is always willing to help and offer personalized quality service. Beauty Worx is unlike other online stores and although  SA have been quite slow on the uptake of online shopping, I strongly believe that if you try out Beauty Worx, all your online shopping fears will quickly be dispelled.

Click on the picture to take you to the awesome Beauty Worx Online Store

Click on the picture to take you to the awesome Beauty Worx Online Store

Beauty Worx is for people who want a personal shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes, for those of us who don’t have the time to go trawling the shopping malls and for people like me who can get so easily distracted when I go shopping and always come home with triple the goods I intended to buy. Online shopping is a convenient fun way to shop although it does take a little leap of faith the first time trying it.

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Wendy takes pride in testing all her products that are sold online and has made sure that she sells only the best quality and niche products in her store. The Beauty Worx online store is very user friendly and easy to navigate right from browsing the categories all the way to check out. An added bonus of using the Beauty Worx online store are the additional beauty bux you can earn with your purchases. Every time you make a purchase from the Beauty Worx online store, you will earn 5-Beauty-Bux for every R150 spent, which can be used on your next purchase.

The value of each Beauty-Bux is R1, therefore 1x Beauty-Bux = R1

 I love that Beauty Worx brings salon quality goods straight to our doors. One of the new brands available from Beauty Worx is a hair care range that hails all the way from Australia.


Suigo is an international boutique salon hair range that has been developed in Australia and formulated in Japan. Only top quality natural ingredients, essential oils and botanicals have been used to a create a highly sophisticated range of hair care products that not only look after your hair but also focus on caring for your hair.

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Suigo is available online from Beauty Worx 
  • You can earn Beauty Bux with all your online purchases
  • Suigo is an International Brand from Australia formulated in Japan
  • The Suigo range uses the highest quality ingredients to treat specific concerns 
  • Suigo believes that a fundamental responsibility towards nature and the environment are an essential part of business
  • Key ingredients include keratin and deionized water which tame frizz and create smooth, shiny locks
  • The 260ml bottle will go a long way as only a pea sized amount is needed
  • The bottles are easy to travel with 
  • The scent is heavenly 
  • My hair condition has improved dramatically while using Suigo
  • The price is salon prices but is so worth the extra money
  • I would definitely buy this product again and would highly recommend this to friends and family
  • Beauty Worx are running an online special till the 15 August for Suigo that you can check out here

A few weeks ago at our Bloggers Who Bless Christmas in July each of us were gifted by Wendy (the owner of Beauty Worx online store) a set of shampoo and conditioners specific to our individual hair types from Suigo. I have been using the Suigo range for damaged and weak hair.


The first thing I noticed about the Suigo Shampoo and Conditioner was the packaging. With a slightly thinner base and thicker top, the 260ml bottle is ergonomically easy to handle with a screw on flip and click lid that is easy to use in the shower. I like the Gold, Black and White colouring as it looks chic and evokes feelings of sophistication when I am using it. The bottles in the range are colour coded according to their specific uses.


I must be honest and say that in the shower I do have to carefully read which the shampoo is and which is the conditioner as they look very similar , not a train smash for me although someone who relies on glasses like my husband, may battle to easily distinguish the bottles. The bottles are large enough to provide you with a fair amount of product giving you that bang for your buck and small enough to comfortably travel with.

I can describe the scent of the shampoo and conditioner as light and fluffy clouds with a hint of fresh spring rain. The product smells heavenly although I can’t really smell the product in my hair once I have finished styling it although my hair definitely looks more nourished and shinier.

I feel like my hair has become a lot more manageable including all my irritating fly away hairs. The amount of product I use is a pea sized amount and although the product does not foam up in huge amounts, trust me it is working its botanical magic.

This particular volume control range is also great for curly hair as the shampoo gives the hair definition and texture while eliminating frizz whilst the conditioner concentrates on repairing and protecting the hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and silky and I have seen an incredible difference in my hairs volume and love that my hair no longer looks dull.

Suigo uses cutting edge technology to formulate their products implementing the H. A.S system.



Key ingredients include keratin, bean potein, Madagasgar Iongoza (used in many anti-aging skin products) and Sumac nut oil. Along with deionized water which reins at the top if the Ingredients list, this shampoo and conditioner has transformed my hair and I can genuinely say that my hair has never felt stronger. As I learnt when using my ionic hair dryer, deionization removes unwanted ions that cause frizzy hair which is a definite plus in the Jhb dry winter weather.

The price is a bit steep for my monthly shopping list so I’m grateful that I only have to wash my hair 2-3 times a week and I am sure the bottle will last quite a while and even better news is that Wendy is currently running a special for Suigo…


Ultimate Control Shampoo 260ml & Ultimate Control Conditioner 260ml
Ultimate Control Absolute Volume Keratin Treatment 500ml

Suitable for Brittle & Weak, Oily Roots and Dry damaged tips, Fine Hair.



I don’t allow my hubby to share with me as I feel like it would be a waste on his hair  everyday but for keeping my locks luscious and lustrous, I’m addicted to this stuff and won’t easily return to more common brands after this. I like that I can treat my hair to salon quality goods without stepping out my front door thanks to the Beauty Worx Online Store. 

Till Next Time

Have Beautiful Hair. Beautiful Life and Happy Shopping


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