Guest Post by @Ladymaridm – 7 Life Lessons from Disney’s Frozen

Those that know me, know that I love the movie Frozen. I have learnt the words off by heart to most of the songs and love everything about this movie. A good friend of mine who I introduced to Frozen has written 7 life lessons from Frozen which have just made me love the movie even more. Introducing Lady Marilyn and her views on:

7 Life Lessons from Disney’s Frozen.

Disney’s Frozen is the most successful animation movie of all time. Being the highest grossing animated movie and the 5th highest grossing movie ever. Of all the millions that have watched Frozen, I was definitely a laggard!

I was first introduced to it by fellow blogger Porcelain Rouge in a very “jolly state” at her birthday party. She kept singing “do you wanna build a snowman?”. It was her birthday so I was happy to oblige in the snowman building. I did however need some clarification. Where was the snow? 🙂 Thereby revealing my ignorance. I did not know the famous line nor the movie Frozen at all. So in a bar, surrounded by only adults, I was met by gasps and implored to watch this fantastical, frosty, fairytale film. Naturally I did.

There are many explanations for the movie’s success. Spectacular graphics, a magical music score, a timeless tale fit for a contemporary audience. It is also championed as a feminist triumph. A refreshing new era of Disney princesses. Generations have been fed stories of helpless princesses waiting for knights in shining armor and princes to rescue them making them complete. In Frozen there are many examples of where the traditional fairytale mould is broken. The lead characters sisters Princess Elsa and Anna, are heroines who face very harsh challenges, deceptive princes, the death of their parents, their hearts are broken and there are times they are isolated and loney. In the end, it is not a Prince Charming with a magical kiss that saves them. It is love, friendship and sisterhood.

Here are my life lessons inspired by Frozen:

1. When we don’t use our talents and strengths we harm ourselves and the world. Play to your strenths. Princess Elsa hides her magical powers from the world, causing an eruption of bottled up magic.The town of Arendelle is then placed in an eternal icy winter. Elsa is isolated and others are left well…hurt and in the cold. Only once Elsa understands how to harness her powers, is the town of Arendelle freed from the eternal winter and their doors were opened to the world. Elsa and Anna are happy and free for the first time in years. What are your talents and strengths you are not leverging? What are you and the world missing out of because you are not using them?

Princess Anna harnesses her powers.

2. To make your dreams come true, you need to carry your own weather.
In Stevan Covey’s book 7habits of highly successful people he discribes “having your own weather” as being proactive, not allowing external factors to get the better of you. Olaf the snowmen quite literally had to carry his own weather and made his impossible dream of experiencing summer come true. With Princess Elsa’s help Olaf gets his very own flurry, a stormy snow cloud keeping him frosty even in the heat of summer. If you have an impossible dream, people and circumstances may get the better of you. You will need to be resilient, proactive and make your own destiny despite circumstances. Are there opportunities in your life for you to carry your own weather?

Olaf the snowman with his own flurry. Now he can enjoy his dream summer.

3. Be your own hero. When Princess Anna was under Elsa’s spell, in dire peril of freezing to death.
The Troll King told her the only way to break the spell was through “an act of true love”. Everyone assumed this meant a kiss from Prince Hans, her finace. Hans turned out to be an asshole, and there was no kiss or act of love. Later on, when Hans tried to kill Elas, Anna courageously threw herself if front of Elsa thereby saving her sister’s life. This was an act of love for her sister, the act of love performed by herself and no one else, the act of love that saved her too as this act of love defrosted her . Sometimes we wait for others to transform our destiny, without taking action ourselves. Are there any actions heroic or not that you think could get you to where you want to be?

Anna’s “act of love”, shielding her sister from certain death. This act of love set Anna free.

4. We all make bad decisions and fail. Forgive yourself and move forward. Princess Anna falls head over heels for Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, turns out that he is charlatan, only interested in the throan, and not in love with Anna. Even I was fooled by Hans! So dashing and seemingly perfect, a fairytale prince. Anna was wrong, she made a mistake, but she moved on and found Kristoff the real love of her life 🙂 Are there mistakes and failures you have made that are holding you back? Maybe its time to move on, it happens to the best of us.

Hans, the charlatan.

5. Even though time passes true friendships will hold as though time did not pass. One of my favorite scenes is when the Princesses see each other a Elsa’s coronation. Even though they had not spoken for years, they notice a beautiful nostalgic smell in the air, and scream out in unison “chocolate”:-) They share a giggle as though no time has passed. If there is a good friend or family member you have not seen in a while, make the time to connect, it will recharge you 🙂

Sisters enjoying the yummy smell of chocolate.

6. Love is a verb, a series of actions that make it real. Kristoff walked with Anna to find Elsa, Kristoff took Anna to the Trolls to heal her, Kristoff road Sven the reindeer to the castle to take Anna to Hans for the “true love kiss”, Kristoff upon realizing his love for Anna,crossed the stormy fjords to find Anna. All along Kristoff was showing love to Anna, whilst Hans was just singing about it. If you love someone show them 🙂

Kristoff carrying Anna to the Trolls.

7. You are never too old to play and learn something new. The tale starts off with Anna and Elsa as children gleefully playing. Building a snowman. The tale ends with Anna and Elsa as adults, gleefully playing, as Elsa teaches Anna how to iceskate. Don’t miss an opportunity to play 🙂. When was the last time you had a giggle? Is there something you have always wanted to learn, a new language, how to ski, how to dive, how to salsa, its not too late 🙂

Sisters playing.

There are countless lessons , and layers to the movie. What were your highlights?

Check out Lady Marilyn’s blog here.

Till next time

Live the life you love


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