Win and be Smitten with @FaceValue_ZA & @BeautyWorx1

Be smitten with your mitten and win with Face Value and Beauty Worx. The new way to instantly cleanse and exfoliate your face without any other cleansing products.  The Smitten is every person’s new must-have cleansing tool.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • You only need to use warm water with your Smitten to cleanse your face (no other cleansing product required)
  • Smittens effectively remove makeup while gently exfoliating your skin (including water resistant and long wearing makeup)
  • You may need to replace your Smitten every 3-6 months (At R100 a pop, this will hardly break the bank) and think of all the money you will save on cleansing products you no longer need
  • Smittens are made of natural anti-bacterial microfibers that are ideal for all skin types
  • Smittens are super easy to clean and are reusable
  • You can order your Smitten online from BeautyWorx
  • You can win one of your very own Smittens by reading on…

I am always on the hunt for new face cleansing products as my face is constantly changing its needs due to the change in weather or new stress factors, food habits etc. I’m sure we all know by now that the one cardinal rule about skincare is to remove all our makeup before going to bed. It was only a few years ago that this became a non-negotiable part of my skincare routine. However, that’s not to say I don’t have my lazy  nights that all I want to do is close my eyes and fall asleep while I start wishing the bathroom sink could be brought to my bed. I love cleansers that work first time and are not too harsh for my sensitive skin and so finding something that is simple and easy to use is always a winner in my books.

I met Wendy from Beauty Worx at an event a couple of weeks back and was introduced to the Smitten. This magical facecloth glove promises to “instantly cleanse skin using warm water only” and that “no other cleansing products required when using Smittens“. Dubiously I decided to invest the R100 for the little magical facecloth and try it out because lets be honest I have spent many a pretty penny on my search for the best skincare products and this hands down has to be one of the most economical cleansers I have had the pleasure of trying.

The facecloth is made of micro-fibres that break down oils and impurities that bond to your skin and “effectively removes makeup & waterproof mascara while gently exfoliating your skin”.

I have put this little buddy through its paces and can finally reveal my results.

My first week trying it, I used it to remove day makeup which means I didn’t have too much on to start with. My smitten worked beautifully every time and with a few swipes, all my makeup was off. I immediately spritzed a toner and applied my night moisturizer.

I also tried my Smitten to take off a full face of evening makeup a few times which included water resistant mascara and long lasting pigments with setting spray. My Smitten worked wonderfully most of the time although I did still find myself reaching for my eye makeup remover to remove the last bits of eye makeup residue but was still impressed with how well the Smitten worked and how very little eye makeup remover I actually needed.

I am quite a nut when it comes to hygiene and hate dirty cloths or smelly towels. I have tried a few other well-known brand face cloths and I find that although they gently remove the makeup, the cloth itself is incredibly hard to clean making it too much work for me to continue using it and I end up throwing them away. My Smitten is so easy to clean. If you use a tiny bit of hand soap and gently rub it into the Smitten and rinse, the cloth is like brand new. I have pictures to prove it.


Smittens are naturally anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic cloths that maintains a skins PH balance which again is a big tick for me.

My only gripe that I have with the Smitten is that I feel like my skin is not receiving any benefits that products offer although I fear this may be  due to the fact that I have been using skincare products for almost 18 years now so using no products is kind of weird for me.

I do still clean last bits of residue makeup with my favorite makeup cleanser but I use so little that I am saving on the cost of my makeup remover and don’t really need a cleanser.  I would also love this little magical cloth to come in different colours as the pink cloth is not exactly male friendly although this is the perfect tool for any person regardless of skin type, age or gender. I am pleased to announce that since purchasing this little magical cloth, Wendy has let me know that there are new colours on the horizon! Yay for diversity.

I am at a point now that I don’t believe I could live without my Smitten. This little beaut will travel with me everywhere!

Do you want to win your very own Smitten, then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition is only open to residents in South Africa
  • You will need to supply your delivery address should you win
  • By entering the competition, you agree to receive newsletters from Beauty Worx
  • Competition closes Monday 28 July 2014 and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 29 July 2014

Smitten Winner

Till Next Time

Be Smitten with Your Mitten



3 thoughts on “Win and be Smitten with @FaceValue_ZA & @BeautyWorx1

    • I know exactly what you mean. I was very dubious about the promises this little magic facecloth made but I can honestly say that it has shortened my beauty regime and I only use products when I really want to. It’s awesome. Thanks for the comment Charlie and good luck.


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