#BWB Christmas in July Wishlist

One of my favorite things to do in July is Christmas in July. I love being able to find an excuse to gift gifts and spend time with special people in my life. This year, Bloggers Who Bless are holding our very own Christmas in July party and we have all been assigned a Secret Santa.


We each had to put forward our Christmas in July Wishlist of gifts we would love to receive. Not an easy task to do but so much fun. My Christmas is July wishlist is filled with goodies I love and goodies I cant get  enough of.

Sasha's Secret Santa Wishlist


1. I am a huge fan and lover of all slippers and pajamas although this winter I have fallen in love with Snoozies. Warm foot covers that have little sticky pads at the bottom making them the perfect slippers to wear on cold nights. They are warm enough to walk alone in them and they are very easy to clean. They are also light enough and comfortable enough to wear to bed. I received my first pair of snoozies for my birthday. Red with white polka dots although I use them so often that I wish I had another pink pair to go with my pink Moose Ca boos onesie.

2. Lovisa jewels warm my heart. I am such a fan of this jewelry and accessory store that you could probably not go wrong with anything from the store. I enjoy delicate jewelry but recently have started clunking up my jewelry collection to give my outfits a bit of texture and pop as advised by my good friend and fashion blogger @AliGraaf

3. Sheer stockings with slight patterns and details on them are a new craze of mine. I am in love with bows at the moment and would love a pair of sheer stockings with simple bow detail or simple star patterns. The trick is the sheer stocking part to give the detail more impact. There is something super sexy about a sheer pair of stockings.

4. The MUD compact lip shine is a new fav lip gloss of mine. What makes this special is that you can mix this lip gloss with different eye shadow pigments to create new lip colours. Who wouldn’t want to be able to design and make their very own lipstick?

5. Snoods are my new fav accessory for my winter wardrobe. I am absolutely in love with my camel colour snood I got for my birthday, so easy to wear and because it is fully knitted, it doesn’t lose its shape around the neck. The thick woolen ones are my fav for keeping warm and neutral pastels tones would go with many outfits.

6. Simple Bow detail head band. I met a girl at an event two weeks ago and she had the cutest bow Alice band on. It was super comfortable to wear and pretty enough to wear to work and casually. The little bow gives it that touch of feminine fun that I love to express through my accessories.

7. I recently started doing my own nails and so am always looking to try new colours. My personal collection is mostly made up of dark and bright colors and I really want to start growing my pastel colour collection. This will also feature quite a bit in Summer fashion trends so being spoilt to an Essie Pastel nail colour would definitely make me smile.

8. Body Factory Vanilla Bath Milk is one of my all time best bathing goodies. I love bubble baths with candles and nothing is better than the Body factory Bath Milk. Gentle on the skin, smells heavenly and actually makes bubbles. I absolutely love love love the Bath Milk from Beauty Factory. The milk bottle packaging is just too cute to not have it on display.

I know that whatever my Secret Santa gifts me with, I will be so happy with. I am a girly girl through and through and can’t wait to open my prezzie on the 25 July!


Till Next Time

Faux Seasons Greetings





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