I name the ladies in my life after @ElieSaabWorld 2015 collection pieces

One of the most awesome side effects of blogging has been my introduction into the world of fashion. I now find myself really looking at fashion in a different way and admittedly it is not my strong point but as they say in the fashion world, beauty is in the eye of the beholder which I interpret to mean that my beauty may not be the same beauty as yours.

downloadWe all have our own likes and dislikes. I started recognizing fashion names I love on perfume bottles and now I love viewing the outfits too.  It makes me think it is a certain right of passage for a brand to launch a perfume.

26132495-5374My first experience of Elie Saab was the gorgeous notes of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Patchouli, White Flower, Cedar Wood and Rose Honey at the Marie Claire Trunk Show. The silage of the scent was intoxicating and addictive. Sharp yet gentle all at the same time. Anything that has white flower or orchid in it, I tend to gravitate strongly towards so when my husband bought me the “That that cannot be named in this post” perfume for my birthday, he nailed it!

Another plus of blogging is all the perfume samples we receive and I have become quite engaged with learning about the artistry surrounding perfumes and the effort that goes into designing the bottles and the scent.

download (1)I recently stalked  my favorite fashion blog, Trend Council who shared the latest from the Elie Saab collection and I can honestly say I am totally besotted and obsessed with this range. I want my entire closet to be filled with pieces like these. If I could personify the perfume, it would look like these beautiful fashion pieces. Bravo Mr Saab.

download (2)

This collection is not only wearable, it exudes chic, feminine elegance radiating an ethereal aura that I imagine many clothing lines will try to emulate and I have to say I am very excited to see that the models are no more tanned than I am. A big plus in my porcelain Lilly white world. Hopefully this will mark a new trend in sunless skin.

download (3)

It truly is a pleasure to share these magnificent outfits with my readers and if not for them, a post for me to go back to over and over when I want to feel close to true beauty. I truly believe these pieces capture the softer essence of a lady with the strength of a white tigress effervescing modern seduction. 

To further personify the clothes, I like to imagine myself and those that I know in the outfits so I have named each outfit with people and things that come to mind when i first look at the piece. I have considered personalities, the effect the person has on me and also what I believe would look beautiful on them.  I also have some awesome makeup inspiration ideas that I would love to try out on all those mentioned. I am long overdue a weekend of play with my makeup kit and feel like I am in need of a night in with my friends who will let me play. Without further anticipation I present the gorgeous 2014/5 Elie Saab Collection with a hint of Porcelain Rouge.


Black Beauty Nicola


Punky Star Fish and Tanya Haskins


Tammy Wade


Ali meets Sam W


Jessica Dudley and Jessica Everson


Hildegarde with Strawberry Marshmellows


Sue Levy


Sunday Lunch with Jess Souden


Arum Lily




Fawn Rogers


Ali Graaff


Irina and Alessia


Anne Martin


Sue Dudley and Shaney


Lipgloss Kisses and Pink Peonies


Cara Dudley


Loren C


Angels and Johlet


Spring Ballet with Victoria and Natasia


Picnic in Paris with Lisa


Leigh and Nicole Crymble


Stevie Jane


Cassidy and Miss Earth


Vodka Lime and Water


Marilyn D


Sunshine and Thea




Sunflowers in New York and Sue Swallow


Tash and Anne Doli


Julia Mafcher and Tamlyn Pillay


Trish and Leeanne


White Orchids, Pearls Marisha and Rayanne

I would love to know which outfits speak to you. Let me know.

Till Next Time

Lotsa Love and Elie Saab





2 thoughts on “I name the ladies in my life after @ElieSaabWorld 2015 collection pieces

    • I am so glad you like your dress Loren. Maybe one day we will find one just like it for you or Elie will make one for you. I felt like Lawyer meets Pink Minky when I saw the dress. Strong but fun. Mwah


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