Gorgeous hair is the best revenge…Why I love my Ionic Hair Dryer!

My best friend had bought me the holy grail of all hair care tools. No this is not a GHD which undoubtedly is my much loved trusty hair straightener but let me introduce to you a hair care tool that every lady should have on her wish list if it’s not already hanging next to your mirror.

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I literally let out a squeal at PLAKA, the Restaurant where my family had gathered to help me celebrate my 29th birthday a week ago. Tash bought me my first Ionic Hairdryer from Coifin. The Little black beast weighs almost nothing making it one of the easiest, most ergonomically comfortable hair dryers I have ever laid my hands on however not the first time that I have experienced this little black beauty.

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The wonderful hair magicians at BLO in Parkwood use these machines to achieve that perfect volume and sheen we all dream of and are dying to replicate when we come back from the salon.

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I have read quite a few articles around the science of Ionic hairdryers, some saying all good things, others saying that it has more to do with the product you use than the hair dryer itself. Ionic hairdryers claim to make the hair more silky, smooth and shiny employing negative charged ions to eliminate electricity that is usually the culprit for frizzy, dull end results usually seen when using  other non-ionic dryers.

I can only speak from my experience with my new toy and I have to say I only have good things to say about it. I feel like all my hair prayers have been answered…

Here are 8 reasons I love this dryer

1. I love that it weighs very little which always helps when you are styling hair, as much as I like a good arm workout, styling my hair is not the time to do this

2. I love that the 2.8 m cord is long enough just in case I need to jump on my bed while styling my hair, you know as one does

3. I love that the speed and heat can be controlled in 6 different ways on this beauty

4. I love that the dryer comes with two nozzles, a 75mm nozzle and a 90mm nozzle. I have recently learnt that you use the larger nozzle when you are drying more hair at once and the smaller nozzle for shorter and more defined pieces as it concentrates the air on that section more easily

5. I love that the entire dryer is 100% Italian. If anyone knows how to style hair, it is the Italians. Let’s be honest, seriously who wouldn’t want an Italian job?

images (1)
6. I love that the filter is a removable stainless steel filter making it more industrial strength

7. I love that it has air space on the cover to keep the machine cool on the outside. Also, having a cool shot button helps set the hair and maintain that healthy shine for longer

images (3)
8. I love that it uses 2000- 2200 W of power which means it dries the hair quicker with immense power


I am not lying when I say with a normal hair dryer, my hair often takes about 15- 20 minutes to dry and I often have to use my GHD to flatten the fly away frizz that I get.With  the Coifen Ionic Korto A6  dryer, I literally save time and it takes me about 7-10 minutes to dry my hair from beginning to end with smooth and silky results that last coupled with a nice healthy amount of volume.


images (4)


I am totally obsessed with my new hairdryer and would recommend an Ion Hairdryer to anyone who wants to decrease drying time, look like you have just come out the salon every time, maximize your hair products and have awesome shiny hair. What more could you want?


images (5)Till Next Time


Remember someone, somewhere thinks gorgeous hair is the best revenge










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