Guest Post by @AliGraaf : @Stuttafords_ZA Men’s Fashion Trends AW14

Receiving an invitation to attend the Stuttafords’ Young Men’s Fashion Trends event had me thrilled. A lot of attention is constantly directed towards female fashion trends but as most ladies would agree, a stylish, well-dressed man is almost equally as appealing as the latest runway-inspired item.  I said almost ladies, sometimes it’s (insert favourite fashion brand’s name here), I know. All jokes aside, the event left me with a wealth of information and inspiration concerning menswear trends for the AW14 season which I’m keen to share with you… let’s get to it shall we?

Cuffed Bottoms

Let’s start with a trend that is a quick and easy way to gain some extra style points – cuffed bottoms. Rolling up your jeans or chinos shows that you put extra thought into your outfit and added some flair to otherwise standard slacks. An extension of this trend is the elasticated cuff which will bring a high-fashion edge to your wardrobe. Instigated from the sports luxe trend which has recently taken both women and men’s fashion by storm; the key to wearing this trend is keeping it neat and slim.

cuffed bottoms

Purples, Pink and Forrest Greens

Please do not be opposed to colour this season. In addition to the usual earthy tones, deep burgundy and burnt orange; purple, pink and Forrest green have infiltrated this winter’s colour palette. These hues will undoubtedly play an integral role in men’s fashion, serving as staple hues for outerwear throughout the cooler months. For example, Ted Baker’s collection features Forrest green trousers and purple woven shirts to name but a few.

For those of you looking to build up your confidence when it comes to wearing such charismatic shades, consider purchasing an accessory such as a purple scarf or pink tie to start experimenting with. These pieces will work well as subtle accents and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing looks.

Purples, Pinks

Block Stripes

Colour blocking is making its resurgence as a fashion trend, however this season it is disguised in the form of block stripes.  Large bands of unlike colours are prevalent across a wide array of menswear pieces.  The larger block pattern is reminiscent of athletic endeavours and visually broadens the body’s frame thus altogether creating a far more masculine feel compared to previous seasons.

Additionally, this trend is subtle and makes donning colour blocking and stripes far less risky fashion choices for men.

Blocked Stripes

Geometric Prints

Prints add punch to a casual or formal look, however many men still find prints to be very intimidating. This shouldn’t be the case. Start with one basic printed item and make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple, in order to anchor the pattern and allow that item to shine. Prints are going to stay awhile so best you embrace them.



Yes, camouflage continues to march on into this season.  The timeless print often perceived as unconventional and bold, is appearing more polished yet effortlessly cool going forward. Fundamental to this trend is moderation; you shouldn’t look like you are actually going hunting or joining the army. Think of the camouflage as the highlight of your outfit and pair your military piece with classic items in sleek neutral tones.

Search for a timeless camouflage item that will suit you and blend in with the rest of your wardrobe. A simple gilet in a military green hue is a perfect introduction to this trend as well as a two-in-one because gilet’s are fast becoming a very fashionable item to possess for the colder months.



Shop these trends at Stuttafords which offers you a world of brands including: Adidas, Bellfield, Ben Sherman, Guess, Levi’s, Lyle and Scott and Ted Baker to name a few.

I do hope you found this to be informative and that you leave inspired. Email Ali should you have any further questions.

You can check out Ali’s awesome blog here and follow Ali on Twitter here


Till Next Time

Stay Awesome


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