@PFCosmetics Awesome PH MatchMaker Powered Lip Gloss Review

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try the Physicians Formula make up range, now is the time. I recently acquired the PH Matchmaker Powered Lip Gloss and the Eye Booster  2-In-1 lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum  which I will review after I have used it for a bit longer. Since I am a professional free lance makeup artist, you can imagine my excitement in the cosmetic isles and stores. I can literally spend hours going through each brand looking at new unknown brands and of course swoon over the tried and tested brands. It is almost impossible for me not to buy something that I either think will work really well for my needs or for my clients.


I have been on the search for an amazing lip gloss that adds colour without fading and moisturizes my lips at the same time. I know quite a few people don’t like gloss as it can be quite sticky but I must admit I love the smooth feeling gloss creates and the youthful appearance of the shine. I loved my Plump Potion- Needle Free Plumping Cocktail that I received at the Jozi Blogger Meetup last year so much that I was keen to try a few more products from the range.


I liked the packaging and what attracted me to the lip gloss was the claim that within 60 seconds, the matchmaker gloss uses “photochronic powders- light adjusting pigments that adapt to your environment so the color looks the same indoors & outside” and into my basket the product went. I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I discovered there was more to this gloss than meets the eye. Ladies, seriously I had a squeal when I figured this out. I saw that not only does the lip gloss have a little mirror on the side, the gloss has a light that when you hold to your lips, perfectly illuminates your lips to apply in dark areas or clubs. So friggin awesome. Now that I have a new toy, the actual product is super cool too.




I put on the gloss before going to bed (I was too excited and couldn’t wait till the next morning to try it) and I was super impressed that the next morning I woke up, my lips were still full of colour so not only is this the most amazing little gimmick, the colour is long wearing. It comes in three shades and I chose the light pink which actually comes out a rosy pink colour on my lips. Perfect for photos and a bit of quick application of colour when I don’t have the time for the whole lip treatment. Thank you PH Formula for making such an awesome cosmetic gloss. I will definitely continue recommending this to all my clients. With Mothers Day coming up, this could make the perfect gift for all Mom’s.


A tip from a makeup artist for lips

  • To exfoliate dry lips, try brushing your lips at least once a week with your toothbrush and apply a thick coat of lip treatment that contains beeswax or argan oil. Let this soak in over night.
  • Lining the lips with a nude color liner primes the lips for any colour and gives the appearance of a neat application which exudes “put-together” for any occasion and also saves you the cost of investing in too many colours.
  • It is always a good idea to ask your make up artist for a touch up kit, at the very least with your gloss or your lip colour that they use.
  • Apply foundation on the lips to create a smooth blank canvas for color to prevent lips from changing color due to natural pigment of the lips. This will also prime your lips and give your lip color longer staying power.



Till Next Time

Keep your lips soft and beautiful


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