#BellfieldSA Winter launch with @Stuttafords_za and @JoburgStyleMag

I attended the #BellfieldSA launch last night at Stuttafords  in collaboration with Joburg Style Magazine. We were treated to delicious drinks and eats and entertained by the dreamy Connell Cruise (OMG! Yuuuuuuumy) whilst getting the chance to mosey around and check out the new range of Bellfield winter clothes for men.


The clothes that I had a look at all showed great quality workmanship and it was evident in the colours and textures that the brand has traveled extensively for design inspiration, exuding a fun and adventurous style.


The brand is not exclusively a mens brand and has some lovely woman’s clothes as well and I think the style could be effortlessly worn by many but still make the wearer stand out from the crowd. The models and Connell were dressed in Bellfiled outfits and definitely stood out from the crowd. I like the casual but sexy style the clothes exuded.

wp_20140306_009 wp_20140306_010 wp_20140306_016

It’s no wonder the brand was nominated brand of the year by the Fashion Trade Magazine last year. This will be the third season that Bellfield has been in SA and is available from Eastgate and Sandton Stuttafords in Johannesburg as well as Gateway in Durban and Canal Walk in Cape Town.


Competitively priced, the brand is accessible to the everyday person while still maintaining a high quality product. I love the rustic look this season and would definitely take a second look at a gentleman sporting this look. The clothes felt “fresh” and evoked a romantic awe in me that I don’t usually get looking at gentleman’s clothing. Paired with a good whiskey and sophisticated smile, this range will be sure to make any man feel and look put together whilst maintaining a sparkle of adventure. I am sure some of my fellow fashion bloggers would agree.


@irinadoman and @Le1ghlo


@Tamsw9 and @AnneDoli

wp_20140306_024Till next time

Stay in style, Joburg Style that is!


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