A #Jozi Night out with @Fawn_Rogers @MonteCasinoZA & @TrevorNoah

I had a super awesome fun evening with @Fawn_Rogers on Saturday night. Fawn won a gift voucher for a night out at Montecasino. We visited the @Monte Restaurant for a light dinner before heading into a night filled with laughter at the Trevor Noah It’s My Culture comedy show.

I am no stranger to Montecasino. I have visited many of the restaurants and attended quite a few shows so it was no shock to me that I had another night to remember with Fawn on Saturday. We ate at a restaurant that I have not tried before. The @Monte restaurant just opposite the Mugg and Bean. The restaurant greeted me with awesome modern eclectic decor that felt crisp and glamorous. When I walked in, greeted by the hostess I was saying little “Thank heavens I’m not paying” words to myself because this place looked expensive. Classy and elegant with a modern vibe. I was pleasantly surprised that the Menu prices were actually very reasonable and the perfect size meals for a pre-show dinner. 10/10 for classy decor and bang for your buck.


I was even impressed by the decor on the way to the bathrooms. You can always tell a lot about an establishment by their bathrooms. These were individual cubicles, each with their own sink that glistened with cleanliness and a certain pizzazz. The staff were friendly and very helpful. The Chef was very accommodating for some of our special requests at dinner and using my Strawberry Daiquiris marker to judge the drinks prices @Monte had really reasonably priced drinks. I loved the decor and music and would highly recommend this place for a night out with friends.The food was delicious and simple. We enjoyed the Duck Spring rolls although there could have been a little more Duck. We also enjoyed the Chicken wings and the Caramelized Onion and Lamb Wrap. I was a little dissapointed that the Chocolate Fondant I ordered for dessert was not available and apparently has been taken off the menu without them actually taking it off the menu but I would definitely return for another meal and share the chocolate fondue dessert that feeds 4.


After dinner, we sauntered down the hall to keep out of the rain to the Teatro to watch the Trevor Noah It’s My Culture show that Fawn had won tickets to see. The show started with some awesome drumming to get the crowd going and then my absolute favorite from the evening, the little marionette African dancers. This blew my mind, that these little dolls looked alive dancing away to the African Drums.


Our crowd warmer was an act called Dusty. A good act to get us ready for Trevor. I am not going to try repeat any of the jokes because I will inevitably do a hack job and no justice. Just know that the whole crowd was laughing. Trevor joined us onstage and the antics about our culture ensued. A lot of the show was based on comedy about the upcoming elections which was appropriate for this year. I also really enjoyed the set on stage which resembled a 3D image of a clocks inner workings. It was creative and fun.


I loved the show and yet again, Montecasino did not disappoint. A big thank you goes out to Fawn for inviting me to share the magic. It was an absolute blast and I would highly recommend this as a fun night out with friends.


Till next time

May laughter be your favorite medicine


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