Culinary Treasures – 10 Reasons to buy a #Mellerware #Bread Maker

10 Reasons why you should consider buying a bread maker. You don’t need to be a great baker or even an enthusiastic baker. These machines are made to make baking simple. I have got so much use out of my Mellerware Bread Maker. I consider it to be one of my culinary treasures.


Obviously, my first reason for buying the machine was to make bread. I hadn’t used my machine in quite some time and recently I have rediscovered the beauty of this machine. With my love for creating new dishes, I diligently read through the accompanying recipe book and found so many more reasons to bring this lovely machine out the pantry and on top of my kitchen counter.

Here are 10 reasons you should consider buying one:

1. Simplicity – I literally measure the ingredients, place in the pan and press a button. It really is as simple as that.

images (1)

2. Easy to Clean – The machine has a loaf tin that you pull in out of the machine with a non-stick interior. It literally needs a tiny bit of warm water and a wipe and its clean.

download (1)

3. Fresh Bread – Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. Enough said!

4. I can make Banana Nut Loaf – When I buy bananas, they often go soft before we have a chance to eat them so we make a quick banana loaf with the bread machine. Amazeballs

5. The Colour Setting – The machine allows you to choose how dark you want your bread to come out in colour. I like to set it on Medium.

6. Jam Maker – yes, thats right, I can even make Jam with the machine. You pop the ingredients in and push a button. Voila, Jam made and old fruit used!

7. Pizza Dough – let me just take a moment here. OMG! This is a recipe I only discovered recently and I cannot tell you how much excitement and joy this has brought. The fact that I can make homemade pizza dough without the effort of kneading etc, I would buy this machine for this reason alone. Making the dough and layering it with whatever my heart desires is so much fun, super tasty and so much friendlier on the budget than take away pizza. It also tastes better because I get to choose exactly what I want. I feel a pizza party happening soon.

8. Bread Rolls – The machine also has a setting to make bread roll dough so for those impromptu burger nights, we are set.

9. Recipe Book – This is one of the easiest recipe books to follow. It takes all the science out of the bread making and makes it really easy. You add the ingredients in the order of the book and the machine comes with a measuring cup and measuring spoon made for the recipes in the book.

10. Timer – I can put ingredients in the night before and set a timer so that when I wake up I have hot, freshly baked bread waiting for me. Similar to a coffee machine but only better!

download (2)

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