My personal brand- An exercise of self-awareness

I wrote about personal branding on Sunday and one of the actions I have taken since then is a self awareness exercise. I have asked friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to send me two words that they would use to describe me. A few people responded with more than two which made me feel wonderful and a few people did not respond. Those that did respond were overwhelmingly kind. I thought that I might be disappointed by the response and I was fearful of what the responses would be and it turns out, I really had nothing to fear. This was an incredibly empowering and eye opening exercise. I have used all the words used to describe me to build a self aware graphic that I will be able to look at during tough times. I would highly recommend you try this.

I also know that not getting responses could indicate that people don’t want to tell me something that may hurt my feelings and I will work on my relationship with these people and in turn work on myself to continue to grow.  I am quite happy that across all four spheres of my life, friends, family, work and acquaintances, there are a few words that overlap which is an indication that I am consistently putting out the same message and am authentically myself most of the time. Thank you to all those that helped me with this. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Sasha Self Aware

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