#15MinuteDinner – Dijon Chicken Schnitzel with Leafy Greens and Tomatoe Salad (Carbs Free)

A new category of 15 minute recipes for those of us who don’t have a huge amount of time but hungry mouths to feed. This quick and simple Dijon Chicken Schnitzel recipe is super simple to make and very yummy and yes, it literally takes 15 minutes to prepare.

I dont always have time for huge dinners and this year, Cameron and I are trying to eat less takeaways for health and budget reasons which has resulted in me getting to do one of my favorite things, read recipe books. I always feel inspired and love creating my own versions of the recipes.

Ingredients (Serves 2) You can double the quantities as needed

  • Two chicken fillets (defrosted) and cut in half
  • Salt, Black Pepper
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Flour
  • 1 Egg (Whisked)
  • 125 ml Cream
  • Kale or Spinach (Washed and Chopped up roughly)
  • Baby Tomatoes
  • 1 tsp Garlic
  • Cooking Oil and Butter (Click here for a healthy, budget friendly butter)
  • Can of baked beans or creamed corn


  1. Take your two chicken fillets and slice with a sharp knife to make 4 fillets, cover them with plastic wrap and flatten with a rolling pin
  2. Season the fillets on both sides with salt and black pepper
  3. Smear a dash of Dijon Mustard on both sides
  4. Sprinkle with flour and set aside the fillets on a plate
  5. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg until light and fluffy and pour into a flat dish
  6. Heat up a large cooking pan with a tsp cooking oil and tbs of butter
  7. Dip the fillets in the egg and place in the pan – cook until golden brown
  8. In a separate pan, add the kale or spinach with the garlic and on medium heat, let the leaves wilt
  9. Add some salt, pepper and olive oil on the baby tomatoes and grill for 5 minutes in the oven
  10. In the pan that you fried the chicken, add the cream and a tsp of dijon mustard, let is reduce and use as a sauce
  11. Serve the tomatoes on the bed of kale with the chicken fillets accompanied with baked beans  and mustard sauce.

Voila, another delicious healthy meal in just 15 Minutes.

Till next time





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