Spicy #Valentines Dessert- #Lindt Chilli Chocolate Sauce

There is no better way to heat things up than a divine homemade Lindt Chilli Chocolate Sauce smothered over vanilla ice cream.


What better occasion than Valentines for such a sweet treat. Spice things up a bit with Lindt Chilli Chocolate Sauce!

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I was given some Lindt Chilli Chocolate as a gift last year and usually I am not a fan of spicy things but this….OMG, enough said. I decided to use a family secret recipe and adapt our Top Deck chocolate sauce recipe to experiment with the Lindt chilli chocolate. This chocolate sauce is guarenteed to make the dinner table go quite and have people asking for more! Every time without fail. With 70% Cocoa, this dark choclate is quite healthy relative to other chocolates so you can spoil yourself a bit.

Ingredients ( 4- 6 Servings) 

download (1)250ml Cream

1 Slab of Chilli Lindt Chocolate

1 Tablespoon of Butter

1 Tablespoon of Cocoa powder


            • Melt the butter in a saucepan
            • Add the cream and let it heat up
            • Add the chocolate broken into pieces into the cream and keep stirring while the chocolate melts
            • Add the cocoa powder and keep stirring (preferably with a whisk)
            • Serve over vanilla ice cream with a cherry for decoration.

download (3)

Till next time


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