Healthy Budget Friendly Butter

I grew up eating margarine, simply because it was less expensive than real butter. Now that I am all grown up, I prefer real butter, because not only does it taste great but also because it is better for baking and cooking, which are two things, I love doing.

Last year my husband and I bought our first home which inevitably has brought about many new expenses so I am always looking for ways to save and was so happy that our Aunt was kind enough to share a family secret………healthy, budget friendly butter that is real! What?  No way!

Yes, here’s how:

  • 1 Block of real butter (500g) (soft at room temperature)
  • 1 Cup  (250 ml) of Sunflower Oil (Flora Heart Foundation Sunflower Oil is recommended)
  • 1 Cup of cold water (250 ml)

butter water sunflower oil

  1. Beat the butter until light and fluffy with the oil
  2. Add the cold water and beat again
  3. Split butter into 3 punnits (glass or plastic dishes) and voila!

You now have three times the amount of butter, with a 1/3 of the cholesterol, easily spreadable due to the water and the best part about it, is it still tastes like butter because it is butter. Save your money, save your health and still eat real butter. That’s a trifecta WIN!!! 

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