5 Tips for Bad Beauty Days

Even models have the occasional bad day when they wake up looking tired, eyes puffy and their skin appears sallow or blemished, breakouts seem overly obvious and nothing seems to help. Here are our top 5 tips for bad beauty days inspired by Bobbi Brown.

  1. download (11)Add moisture – when we are dehydrated or our skin is dehydrated, it can look older and less alive. Double your H20 intake for the day, avoid caffeine and use a double strength moisturizer. We recommend the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, an iconic light textured moisturiser that retains moisture, leaving the skin feeling comfortable and well balanced.  For an added hydration boost add vitamin C to your water.
  2. 622_lSkip the full makeup application – adding a full face of makeup on a tired face can enhance the tiredness. Rather opt for minimal makeup. A concealer, beauty balm, pink blush (preferably a cream) and gloss with a light handed application of mascara. This will give your face the boost it needs. Heavy eyeliner can make you look more tired. Try curling your lashes to open the eyes up. We recommend Vichy Idealia Beauty Balm with SPF 25 for a sheer glow and its “anti-grey” illuminating technology or Bobbi Brown Beauty Balm SPF 35 for a slightly more covered look but still gives all the added hydration benefits of a BB Cream. Remember to blend. 

product_shot_1(1) E6Y8_l

3. Concealer tricks – We recommend the Catrice palette concealer available from Dischem that offers five shades in one palette. Cover and even out blemishes with the beige shades, cover up redness with the green shade and dark circles with the pink shade.  Use a concealer brush for application, the brush should have firm but soft bristles as this will be used on delicate areas under the eyes.  


4. Highlight– to lift tired eyes sweep a highlighter across the brow bone under the eyebrow, highlight the cheekbones and your cupid bow. This will lift these areas and make them appear more awake. We recommend any light colour concealer or shadow to do this. This handy face map shows you where to apply the highlighter.

download (1)

5.  Bright lips – the easiest way to brighten the face is by adding a splash of bright lip colour and gloss. This will immediately illuminate the face and instantly refresh a tired look. At least once a week, brush your lips with your toothbrush to exfoliate the lips. Always apply a good moisturiser to lips. We recommend an argon oil based wax for best results. To ensure long wear, apply a light layer of foundation or BB cream to the lips before applying colour, this will also have the added benefit of reflecting the tube colour of the lipstick.


Till Next Time XOXO

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