Lessons from a friend

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

I am fortunate to have found such a good friend, a friend that makes time for me in her busy schedule. A friend that genuinely wants to celebrate with me and lets me cry on her shoulder when I am down. A friend that is willing to look past my many imperfections and focus only on the positive side of me. A friend who will willingly give up her precious time to throw me a pity party.

I have a friend who I can laugh with, dance with, joke with, giggle with, cry with, sigh with, roll my eyes with, share my interests with, play dress up with, learn from, give advice to. I have a friend that allows me to befriend her. We share our secrets and our gossip, we share our fears and our excitement. There are no boundaries in our conversations, we pick a backdrop and find ourselves opening up to each other. I have a friend who knows me and wants to learn more about me and I her. A friend who always goes the extra mile when it comes to gifts, ensuring that they are always thoughtful and meaningful. I have a friend who will stand by me no matter what but at the same time knows how to offer me advice when I go astray. Distance and time are not a factor for our friendship, we make it work. We stay connected. We are able to play, cry, laugh, love, live together even when we are worlds apart.

I am so blessed to have a friend that I can always count on and not fear judgement or misunderstanding. A friend who encourages me to be a better person but will not judge me if I am not that better person. A friend that lets me in on her secrets, fears, loves, hates, humour. A friend who shares and opens her world to me as well.

This friend has taught me humility, honesty, loyalty, kindness, forgiveness, courage, determination, love and respect. I will forever be indebted to this friend. My journey would not have been the same without this friend. Thank you friend for all that you have taught me and for all the times you have allowed me to be your friend too.

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