Organizing your delicates on a budget

I refuse to waste money on underwear draw organisers. Don’t get me wrong I love being organised and my “A” personality almost forces me to find ways to be organised but my more frugal side wants to use money for other things. I love trawling through Pinterest to find new ideas on how to creatively organise cupboards, draws, pantries, offices. As my husband can tell you, organising makes me smile and gets my blood going.


I can never find the underwear I am looking for and my underwear draw or shelf always looks like a small hurricane has run through it.


1. Buy underwear drawer organiser – No money

2. Just don’t wear underwear  – Just can’t bring myself to do this, a tad bit impracticable

3. Wear the dark underwear with the white pants when you have no time – Fashion faux pas of note

4. Make my own underwear organiser – here’s how

What you will need 


  1. Scissors
  2. Toilet Roll Cardboard
  3. Wrapping paper
  4. Glue
  5. Old or new box lid

How to

  1. Cut your toilet roll in half with scissors
  2. Cut your wrapping paper into strips
  3. Smother the outside of the toilet roll with glue and roll into strip of paper
  4. Cut off loose ends and fold paper over edges
  5. Stuff the toilet roll with underwear
  6. Lay out rolls in box lid and voila – underwear organised!

I love budget friendly, eco friendly ideas that I can use to make my life just that little bit more simple. Please share your ideas with me, I would love to try them out.


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