My Kiehl’s Graduation Party

A few months ago I was lucky enough to have been invited to the #JhbBloggerMeetup and part of the goodies that we received was a gorgeous travel size pack of goodies to try from Kiehl’s. I had heard so many good things about the brand but had never had the opportunity to try any of the products.


Some time has passed and I have had the time to really give all the products a fair chance and tested them to see if they hold up to their claims. Before I jump into my review and give details on my Kiehl’s graduation party, I think its quite interesting to learn a bit about the brands history. You can check out Kiehl’s super interactive history timeline. In short, Kiehl’s has been around for donkey’s years and has grown into an amazing brand.


So, back to the graduation party. Kiehl’s sponsored goody bags for the bloggers and I can honestly say they did not disappoint. I received a Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser; a Kiehl’s Creme de Corps;  a Kiehl’s Double Strength Visible Wrinkle Filler and a Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Conditioner in my goody bag as seen below.


I started with the Creme de Corps and was impressed by the non-sticky lotion that left my hands feeling super moisturized without having to use a lot of the product and I didn’t need to reapply for quite some time.

Since I was in Grade 4 (back then, known as Standard 2) age 8, I have been searching for the best moisturiser.  As a child, I grew up without a Mommy in my formative years (she passed away when I was two) so I knew as much as “nothing” about grooming and even less about girly girl things.

Anyways, I mistakenly thought that if I wet my hands, they would magically be moisturized by the water. I only learnt that water actually dehydrates the skin when a teacher grew worried about me going to the bathroom all the time and eventually asked if something was wrong. I explained that I needed to moisturize my hands by running them under water and my teacher kindly smiled, looked down at my freckly face and handed me my first moisturizer, Aqueous lotion.

That night I went home to my Dad and asked for my very own tub of Aqueous cream. Ever since that day I have hunted for a fantastic moisturizer and I can honestly say that the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps all over body moisturizer lives up to all its promises and is definitely in my top three body moisturizers. Gently massage this cream onto dry areas and in 10 days, you will notice a tangible difference in skin texture. The only downside is that the cream is rather pricey for the South African market but if you have the money, it is well worth the spend. I was lucky enough to receive a few Kieh’ls goodies from my husband for Christmas and graduated from the smaller 30ml bottle to the 75ml bottle although the cream does come in many other sizes that are larger. This will remain on my birthday and christmas wishlist for many years to come.


Next I tried the Ultra Facial Cleanser, “a gentle liquid formula that cleanses without over-drying or stripping skin”.  Anybody that has met me or stalked me would be able to vouch that I have an extremely delicate, fair skin which ultimately equates to being very sensitive. I was fortunate enough as a teenager that I did not suffer from any major acne problems but my skin does react to harsh products and I do tend to blemish quite easily.

I started my skin regime when my my now Mom (since I was 9) introduced me to the three step skin care regime. Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer to which I later added Sunblock. So I can safely state that I have tried my fair share of skin cleansers, from inexpensive starter brands, to the more well known brands that we have all come to love today. Over the years, I have usually equated a tight feeling after I washed my face as being a “clean” face. I have recently learnt in the last couple of years from skin specialists that this is not the case and if your cleanser gives you this result, chances are you are stripping away vital oils that are needed to keep your skin supple and moisturized. A balanced skin regime is vital to achieve a flawless skin. I have learnt that my skin is a combination skin and I have to carefully treat it with products that are not too harsh. I am happy to announce that Kiehl’s has quickly become my No.1 cleanser as it really does remove makeup if you let it sit on the skin for at least 60 seconds and leaves my skin feeling fresh and silky smoothe. This was at the top of my Christmas list and has become one of my must have skin products. I have graduated from the 30ml bottle to the 75ml bottle which is still a handy size for when I travel.


Next was the Sunflower Color Preserving Conditioner. I still remember the days when I washed my hair with Apple Colgate Shampoo because that is all my Dad could afford and it was only when my Mom joined our family at the age of 9 that I learnt about the importance of conditioner. I quickly grew to love conditioners and as many people have, I have tried many conditioners. In my early years, I was constrained by my limited pocket money but as I grew up, so did my hair care range. The one thing that has not changed however, is my love for beautifully scented hair and I have always gravitated towards beautifully scented conditioners.  As @irinidoman stated, the smell of the Kiehl’s Sunflower Conditioner is absolutely mouth watering. When I close my eyes and inhale the smell, I can imagine myself in a field of Sunflowers and the best part is that the scent lasts for at least two days after you have used it. I have quite coarse fine hair so finding a conditioner that gently conditions and leaves the hair feeling light and silky has proven to be quite a challenge. The sunflower conditioner does exactly that. My husband unfortunately has not yet graduated me to the next level but believe me when I say that this is on my shopping list for when I run out of the 30ml bottle. The fact that I have managed to use this every wash without product build up since November proves that you do not need a huge amount for the product to be effective. I really put it to test at the coast after swimming in the ocean and it still worked just as well. A must for every gal!


My husband took the initiative to spoil me to a new product. The Kiehl’s Lip Balm that has a SPF 4 and is one of my favourite flavours, vanilla. The balm does last quite a while and as it states, it “temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips”. A very useful product at the coast and a delightful smell. I can’t say that I wouldn’t use any other brands as I like to vary my lip balms but it is definitely up there with the best of them.


I have quickly become an evangelist of the Kiehl’s brand and have recommended it to all my girlfriends and male friends too. I would say that it is probably in the mid-high end of the price range and I am super excited to try all the samples I received, the midnight eye recovery cream, the superbly restorative argan body lotion and the clearly corrective dark spot solution. Perhaps Cupid will send me my graduation gift and spoil me with a larger sunflower conditioner. Kiehl’s can be bought from Sandton and East Gate in South Africa. I urge you to to get a few samples and see for yourself, there is a reason this brand has been around for 160 years.

Till next time. xoxo

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